Welcome to my burrow

I'm Silverfox. I write. This is where I keep the results. Most of this stuff is old, some unfinished and abandoned, some I've taken down elsewhere for various reasons, or never meant to post at all. I'm just storing it here. Very few things are current WIPs. You can read it all, if you like. I don't mind, but I'm not promising to fix or continue anything for you. That doesn't mean I won't ever fix or continue anything, though. I work on what I feel like working and it probably won't coincide with what you'd like to see done.

Latest update: 15th January 2017 added chapter 8 of Harry No. 5 and the Deathly Hallows

8 Days of Luke fanfic

It wasn't perfect (for Yuletide 2009)

Girl Genius fanfiction

Challengedrabbles (for a challenge)

Good Omens fanfiction

Chance a New Beginning (Good Omens fic Exchange 2010)
Thoughtless Risks (abandoned)
Of Friends and Places Left Behind (Good Omens fic Exchange 2009)
Once Unleashed (Good Omens fic Exchange 2011)
Three Worlds (old)
Christmas Rites (Good Omens Fic Exchange ... my first year)
Men of War (Good Omens Fic Exchange 2012, the prompt I didn't get)
The Disappointed Poet (Good Omens Fic Exchange 2012, the prompt I did get)
Expectations (Good Omens Fic Exchange 2013)
Consequences of a Drunken Confession (Good Omens Fic Exchange 2014, ONLY FOR ADULTS)
Wings (Good Omens Fic Exchange 2015)

Neutral Omens (RPG)

Azi's Day Off (old)
Crowley Birthdayficlet (old)
Poison Ivy (old drabble)
Reducing the Population (an alternate plot I thought up when in a really bad mood)
Tournament (multi-fandom crossover crackfic)

Lower Tadfield Safehouse RPG

It always rains before my battles (History, Good Omens and Highlander crossover)
12 Days of Christmas (drabbles for a challenge)
Charity Prison (for a challenge)
Challengedrabble (for a challenge)
April Fools Drabbles (for a challenge)
Easter Challenge Ficlet (for a challenge)

Forgotten Realms fanfiction

A Winter Journey (for Juletide 2012)
Warmth (for a challenge, never before posted)
Contemplating Danilo Thann (for Juletide 2012, originally a false start for the asignment that I turned into an extra treat)
Lady Cassandra's Fears (for Juletide 2012, another treat)
Arun Thann's First Day of School (actually cobbled together from several challenge prompts)
Ghosts (for a challenge, never before posted)
For Half The Price (ancient, never before posted)
Vermin (abandoned snippet)
Raven's Child (never meant to be posted, just me playing around with a plot hedgehog)
Reflections (for a challenge)

Harry Potter fanfiction

Runaway Dragon Universe (old)
My Name's Severus Universe (old)
Harry Potter Hogwarts Caretaker (old)
Holiday Blues (old)
Protecting Hogs From Warts (plot hedgehog)
Recover your Soul (old songfic)
Rüdiger Zweigl Universe (WIP)
Harry No 5 Universe (WIP)
The Catar (abandoned)
The Hogwarts War (taken down everywhere else)
The Last Lion (old)
Weasley, Rose (old)
Challengedrabble (for a challenge)
Challenge Booklets (for an LTSH challenge)
Hogwarts Sometime in the 18th Century (Harry Potter/Napoleonic Wars crossover ... Yes, I know I'm crazy.)
Expectations (Good Omens Fic Exchange 2013)

Hercules, the Legendary Journeys fanfiction

A Selfless Deed (old, translated from German)/Eine selbstlose Tat (German)
A Failed Attempt At Love (for Yuletide 2010)

Little Monsters stories
These are my friend's characters and everything I've written about them are gifts for her.

Understanding Humans

Saber Rider and the Star Sheriffs fanfiction

Both or Neither
Coeducation (on hold)
Final Sunset (taken down)
I'm Sorry (old)
My Brother's Dream (old)
New Home (old)
That Christmas Thing (old)
The Abduction of Marian (old)
Under the Cowboy Hat (old)
Special Version (old)
A visitor (drabble, crossover with Yami No Matsuei)
Fairy Tales Quickie (old)
Dirty Secrets (adult concepts - seriously)
Jessie and the Blackbird's Song (German! fragment)

Temeraire fanfic

29 ('study' for possible future fic)
Don't Eat That Horse ('study' for possible future fic)
Transformation (for Yuletide 2011)
Thunder (for Yuletide 2013)
Why Me? (for Yuletide 2014)
The Problems of Friendships with Dragons (for Yuletide 2015)

Transformers fanfiction

Daughter of War (abandoned)
Lone Stars/Behind Blue Eyes (old)
Series concepts (for a challenge)
Seeker Squabbles (for a challenge)
Unseen (for a challenge)
World of the Mind (for a challenge)

Yami No Matsuei fanfiction

Fanfic100 Touda ficlets

Historical People

Harry's arrival (maybe abandoned, maybe a 'study')
Various scenes from the Napoleonic Wars (maybe 'studies')
Sperate Infestis (snippets and notes)
Horse in History (for an LTSH challenge)

German Originals

Sternenelf (abandoned, German)
Fabeln (old assignment, German)
Peters Fahrrad und die Indianer (old, German)
Selbstmord eines Musikprofessors (old, German)
Pucks Erzählung (old assignment, abandoned, actually Midsummernight's Dream fic, German)
Weihnachten ist ein ganz besonderer Tag (German)
Alte Fragmente (German)
Die Hotelmaus (German, no idea why I ever typed this, it looks like the fragment of a 'what I did in the holidays' composition for primary school, though I know I must have been at least 11 at the time)
Ein Kaninchen erzählt (German, my first ever 'novel' written when I was eight or nine)
Castle Charagnon (German fragment, despite the title)
Götter der Tiefe (German, beginning of a story, probably from when I was about 18)
Ritt durch den Bach (German, poem, written for school, probably aged 14)

English Originals

My Mother Says They Lie (old)
About the Austrian School System (outdated)
The Original Character (essay)
Good Parenting (for a challenge)