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I'm Silverfox. I write. Badly. This is where I keep the results. I'm just storing it here.

Latest update: 23rd July 2017

8 Days of Luke fanfic

Forgotten Realms fanfic

Girl Genius fanfic

Good Omens fanfic

Harry Potter fanfic

Hercules, the Legendary Journeys fanfic

Historical People

Little Monsters stories

Under construction (= some of these links don't work):

Neutral Omens (RPG) fics

Lower Tadfield Safehouse (RPG) fics

Neutral Omens (RPG)

Azi's Day Off (old)
Crowley Birthdayficlet (old)
Poison Ivy (old drabble)
Reducing the Population (an alternate plot I thought up when in a really bad mood)
Tournament (multi-fandom crossover crackfic)

Lower Tadfield Safehouse RPG

It always rains before my battles (History, Good Omens and Highlander crossover)
12 Days of Christmas (drabbles for a challenge)
Charity Prison (for a challenge)
Challengedrabble (for a challenge)
April Fools Drabbles (for a challenge)
Easter Challenge Ficlet (for a challenge)

Temeraire fanfic

29 ('study' for possible future fic)
Don't Eat That Horse ('study' for possible future fic)
Transformation (for Yuletide 2011)
Thunder (for Yuletide 2013)
Why Me? (for Yuletide 2014)
The Problems of Friendships with Dragons (for Yuletide 2015)

Transformers fanfiction

Lone Stars/Behind Blue Eyes (old)
Seeker Squabbles (for a challenge)
Unseen (for a challenge)
World of the Mind (for a challenge)

Yami No Matsuei fanfiction

Fanfic100 Touda ficlets
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