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Keeping The Peace

Title: Keeping The Peace
Fandom: Yami No Matsuei
Characters: Touda, Suzaku, Tsuzuki (Tenkou, Kijin, SohRyu and Rikugou mentioned)
Prompt: 002. Middles.
Word Count: 906.
Rating: G
Summary: Tsuzuki would like his shikigami to get along. Unfortunately with twelve very strong personalities itís a lost cause.
Author's Notes: It took me a while to come up with an idea for this one, but this isnít just a filler. Itís an actual problem for these characters, I think. The shiki just canít get along peacefully, yet they also donít want Tsuzuki to get hurt and he feels it his duty to stop them from fighting each other.

The sword slashed down actually grazing his ankle, but he had no time to check for damage now. The leg still supported his weight and he wasn't in any danger of slipping in a pool of blood when he glanced down, so it was probably just a scratch.

He jumped back and hissed threateningly at Suzaku. Not too impressive a counter attack, but it was all he was allowed to do.

"Suzaku! Touda! No, stop it!" Tsuzuki dove between them unexpectedly and Suzaku dropped her sword with a surprised yelp. "What's going on?"

"I'm just punishing the snake for trying to kill you." Suzaku stated as if it were the most obvious thing in the world.

Touda stepped back slightly miffed at the way she said snake. It came out sounding like an insult somehow.

He supposed that he should probably leave. They didn't need him to explain anything when they'd had that very same discussion at least once every day during Tsuzuki's stay here. Really he wondered why the shinigami still bothered to ask. He had to know what was going on by now.

Just like bird-brain ought to know that Tsuzuki wouldn't accept that as a valid reason.

"He only did what I ordered him to do." Tsuzuki declared just on clue. "As any good shiki should."

Did that make Suzaku a bad shiki then? Tsuzuki should be more careful of his words. The bird was already angry and had a short temper. And a sharp sword.

It worried him how Tsuzuki always got in the middle of these things. Someday Suzaku might not drop her sword in time.

He didn't think that that sword could kill a shinigami and he himself could only activate his fire on Tsuzuki's own orders, but a sword wound still hurt and there were other fights Tsuzuki had a similar habit of getting in the way of.

He'd not only step between Touda and Suzaku arguing Touda's acting as Tsuzuki's suicide weapon just like he'd step between Kijin and Tenkou arguing over a toy.

He'd also step between Touda and SohRyu arguing Touda's right to exist and walk the streets of GenSouKai. Of course Tsuzuki was the cause of Touda's walking the streets just as much as he was that of Touda trying to kill him, but the dragon was the most powerful creature in all the realm. One shouldn't provoke him.

He'd step between SohRyu and Byakko arguing over Byakko's irresponsibility. Well, SohRyu called it irresponsibility. Tsuzuki called it a healthy balance between work and rest. Touda would have called it youthful playfulness, but nobody ever asked what Touda thought.

He'd step between SohRyu and Rikugou arguing SohRyu's leadership and that was probably the most dangerous place to be in all the realm.

Not that Touda worried about Rikugou. Rikugou was powerful, but if he even had a temper he was in perfect control of it. Rikugou was always in perfect control, reliable, calm, a rock in a wild ocean in a crisis. He wouldn't strike out at Tsuzuki no matter what.

But Rikugou had a way of riling up SohRyu that even Suzaku and Touda with their volatile personalities couldn't match. Somehow his logical arguments why SohRyu wasn't a good choice as a leader cut deeper than any insult Suzaku might shriek, or threat Touda might hiss. It caused SohRyu to strike out in a blind rage that had on more than one occasion struck objects and people other than Rikugou.

The shiki had learned to keep away when those two were at it, many seeing the destruction as confirmation of Rikugou's arguments, but none willing to step up and challenge the dragon out loud.

The only one who'd ever told SohRyu right out was Tsuzuki. Foolish Tsuzuki who'd stand between those two unarmed and ask them to make up and kiss. Well figuratively. Touda doubted either of the two would be much inclined to get that close to the other. He shook off the thought and returned to the problem at hand.

"Leave it, Tsuzuki. It's not like she ever actually hurts me."

Tsuzuki's eyes wandered down to his right ankle. He could only hope that no blood had trickled out past the black fabric there. The dark colour should hide any blood stains well enough.

And then all of a sudden Tsuzuki was hugging him. "Oh Touda, I'm so sorry. I never stopped to think what would happen to you, if you killed me. I was only thinking of myself and that I wanted to die. I should have remembered the consequences."

Touda blinked. He was never quite sure how to react to Tsuzuki's hugging attacks. He wasn't supposed to look like something anyone would like to hug.

"I am your shiki." he stated. "It is my duty to serve you and assure your safety, not the other way around."

Tsuzuki looked up at him fondly. "Idiot." he declared. "You're my shiki, so it's my responsibility to care for you and assure that you're well treated."

"You're the master and I the servant." Touda tried to explain.

"Nonsense. You're my friend."

"Your property."

"What?" Tsuzuki yelped outraged. "Of course not! Nobody could ever own a divine commander. It's .. it's ... Well, it's just not right."

Touda sighed. Such emotional tangles were beyond him. Perhaps he should leave it to Rikugou to untangle this mess. Earth shiki had a talent for such things.

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