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Title: Waiting
Fandom: Yami No Matsuei
Characters: SohRyu, Kichin, Taimou, Tenku, Suzaku, Rikugou, Byakko, Genbu, Tsuzuki (Touda and Tenkou mentioned)
Prompt: 006. Hours.
Word Count: 815.
Rating: PG
Summary: Well, they found Touda alive, but will he survive?
Author's Notes: Sequel to my post for Ends. JJ insisted I couldn’t leave that one as it was, so ... This didn’t turn out entirely as I planned it either, but I like it this way.

Somehow SohRyu had ended up leaning against the wall next to the door staring at the opposite wall of the corridor. He didn't remember when he'd stopped pacing. It didn't matter anyway. His pacing or leaning or whatever else would not make a difference. If Touda was going to die, he'd die no matter what he did.

SohRyu had no medical knowledge. Having two children had taught him how to stick a band aid on a skinned knee and like most warriors he could bandage minor cuts. For anything else there were doctors he could call upon.

That lack of knowledge made him feel rather helpless right now, though, and he tried to think of anything else he might do for Touda. He'd already supplied a doctor and bedroom. Food and drink would be pointless as the serpent was unconscious and wouldn't be able to eat or drink.

Warmth would do him good, but the room was equipped with a cosy fireplace and ample firewood. Touda would like that, if he ever woke up. Fire serpents loved to laze about in front of fireplaces.

When Tenkou was sick he usually bought her flowers and toys. Touda wouldn't appreciate either, he suspected. Some books to read might help him pass the time once he was feeling better, but right now they'd be more pointless than food.

Was there something he might tell Touda when he woke up? Some words that might help?

He still didn't understand how it had come to this. It couldn't be his fault!

So he had been a little unfriendly this morning, but surely being relieved of computer duty couldn't have driven Touda into a suicide attempt. 'Please,' he thought to whom he didn't know. 'Don't let it be my fault.'

Kijin walked up to him, slung his arms around him and buried his face in his robes.

"Any news?" he asked barely audible through the fabric.

SohRyu shook his head. "There wasn't any permanent harm from the cold, but the doctor said he's lost a lot of blood. It remains to be seen whether he's strong enough to recover from that. If he survives the night, he'll be alright."

"It's been hours." Kijin sniffed. "If he dies it's all my fault."

"No it's not." SohRyu said automatically. "Of course it isn't."

"If I hadn't been so arrogant and actually listened when he tried to explain the computer to me, I'd have known how to locate him without all the trial and error. Then we'd have found him much faster and he wouldn't have lost as much blood."

"And if Tenku hadn't kicked him out, he'd never have disappeared in the first place." Taimou continued. "Or if I'd let him stay with me when he asked..."

"So now it's my fault the damn serpent's either homicidal or suicidal?" Tenku snapped. "It'd be only for the best, if he died. He's way too dangerous to keep around."

The palace was too defensive about it, SohRyu thought. Was he feeling guilty as well?

"Anyhow, it's Suzaku's fault." Tenku continued. "She's the one that hurt him."

"It was just a little cut," Suzaku snapped. "And he was fine when he left my palace. There was nothing to indicate that he couldn't handle it on his own."

"If he could still fly all the way to that mountain, he could have made it to any one of us and asked for help," Rikugou agreed. "He chose not to, because he didn't think he'd be welcome."

"I should have talked to him after all," Byakko's voice came from somewhere below. "I could have spared a few minutes without being late. Maybe all he needed was someone to listen for a moment."

SohRyu looked down. The tiger was lying on the floor with a sobbing Tsuzuki sprawled over him. At any other time he'd have chided them for their undignified behaviour. The protector of the west was not supposed to be cuddled like a stuffed toy.

"Most likely not." Genbu said. "Things like that don't happen overnight. He must have been depressed for quite some time. Maybe it was the guilt over all those people he killed, or perhaps all the time he spent alone in prison damaged him worse than we realised. Shiki have been known to go mad from much less time in solitary confinement."

"He's a serpent." SohRyu reminded him. "They're loners by nature."

"Sky serpents aren't overly social." Genbu confirmed. "But not necessarily loners either and they do get bored with nothing to do and nobody to talk to."

Tsuzuki sobbed louder. "Poor Touda. If only I'd been there."

"It'll be alright, Tsuzuki," Byakko purred soothingly. "You did everything you could. He'll make it."

Yes, hopefully he would, but it would be long terrible hours before they'd know for sure. Still SohRyu didn't feel like talking.

He went back to staring at the wall.

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