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On The Roof

Title: On The Roof
Fandom: Yami No Matsuei
Characters: Touda (Tsuzuki, Suzaku, mentioned)
Prompt: 007. Days.
Word Count: 592.
Rating: PG
Summary: Touda’s waiting for Tsuzuki ... or is he?
Author's Notes: That can’t have been an easy time for Touda considering how bad his relationship with the others already was before ...

Touda was sitting on a roof on the outskirts of the city staring up at the clouds. No, he didn't feel like flying. He'd rather just stay here for another few days. Preferably until Tsuzuki showed up again.

If Tsuzuki ever showed up again. What if he didn't want anything to do with Touda anymore and stopped visiting GenSouKai? He could call the others to him whenever he wanted. If he still wanted to. Maybe he didn't want anything to do with shiki ever again.

Touda thought that was what Suzaku had meant to suggest when she'd screamed and swung her sword at him. He found people quite hard to read, though. Especially Suzaku. And now that he couldn't fight back anymore ...

Instead he'd ducked out the door and climbed onto the roof to ... wait for Tsuzuki. Yes, that was what he was doing. He wasn't hiding. After all he was in plain sight up here. Anyone who bothered to look would see him right away. Was it his fault that people never looked for him on their roofs?

It had been six days since Tsuzuki had ordered him to kill him and Suzaku had chased him to the roofs in retaliation for obeying. Didn't she realise that he couldn't refuse a direct order? He wasn't like other shiki in that, had no way of rebelling against his master, no right to say no.

And how could he refuse someone death, if they chose it?

Tsuzuki was a Shinigami. They were supposed to have the right to choose to die whenever they felt like it. He'd never quite understood why this wasn't so for Tsuzuki. What were they playing at in Meifu anyway?

All that was besides the point anyway, though, as Tsuzuki wasn't dead. Like all shiki Touda could feel his connection with his master at all times. It was what told them when he called for them, or came to visit.

Right now it was telling him that Tsuzuki was somewhere in another world. It felt like he was in Meifu, in fact, but to tell that for sure he'd have to actively probe the connection and then Tsuzuki would think he was attempting to make contact and that might not be welcome at this time. It was better to give Tsuzuki the message that he didn't care and leave it up to him whether he ever wanted to make contact with Touda again, or not.

He brushed away a tear. ... Damn wind up here. Yep, it was the wind getting into his eyes that was making him cry.

Anyway, if he could feel that Tsuzuki was alive, so could the others. So could Suzaku! She had to know there was no reason to attack him.

But then, why should he care? He didn't like his fellow shikigami and it was quite comfortable up here. He could easily stay for several more days. Provided that he went down there sometime soon to replenish is provisions. He was getting a little hungry.

He couldn't go right now, though. He had to wait for Tsuzuki. Yes, he couldn't not be up here when Tsuzuki arrived, so he'd have to go get the food tonight when everybody was asleep. Tsuzuki was not likely to visit in the middle of the night.

He shivered in a gust of wind. Perhaps he'd get a blanket to help keep him warm and to sleep on as well. Yes, that was a good idea. With food and a blanket he could keep waiting forever.

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