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Weekend Visits

Title: Weekend Visits
Fandom: Yami No Matsuei
Characters: Touda (Tsuzuki, Suzaku, Byakko, Rikugou and SohRyu mentioned)
Prompt: 008. Weeks.
Word Count: 469.
Rating: G.
Summary: Touda is almost always there to meet him when Tsuzuki visits. So how can it be that Tsuzuki doesnít know?
Author's Notes: I donít remember where I got this idea from, but Iíve had it in the back of my mind for a while.

Almost every weekend that he had off Tsuzuki visited GenSouKai. Most of the time he came through the Suzaku gate.

Usually Touda would be waiting for him, though he didn't think anybody knew. He was always careful about it.

The rest of the time he only entered Suzaku's realm when he absolutely had to, but about an hour before the time Tsuzuki usually arrived he snuck in. He did his best not to be noticed by anyone, sneaking through back alleys and over roofs wherever he could.

Sometimes he mentally grumbled about it having to be Suzaku's gate out of all the four, but then Suzaku was Tsuzuki's 'big sister' and especially dear to him. Of course Tsuzuki enjoyed visiting her more than he cared about Touda's relationship with her.

He had a spot on a roof right next to a chimney where he was hard to see, but could see the gate perfectly. That's where he went to wait for Tsuzuki, even though he didn't need to see it to know when Tsuzuki arrived. They all knew that through their bonds with their master.

Once he knew Tsuzuki was there, he usually waited some more. Normally one of the others would come to meet their master soon enough. Most of the time it was Byakko, but Suzaku was usually closest and sometimes Rikugou came as well.

If none of them showed up within about an hour after Tsuzuki's arrival, then Touda went to meet him. Otherwise it depended on how well the last week had gone and who'd come.

After a very good week with no mishaps or arguments Touda sometimes dared to show himself even if Rikugou was there. He had to be very sure that he was in everybody's good books for that, though, so it didn't happen often. Next to never, actually.

When he'd had a good week, which meant only minor trouble with Suzaku and glares or the occasional harsh words from SohRyu, he'd avoid Rikugou, but sometimes didn't mind showing himself, if it was just Byakko.

After a bad week, when he was hiding from SohRyu's wrath, he usually just followed the others around in secret. He was good at hiding in the shadows. His black clothing helped a lot with that.

When Suzaku herself came out to meet Tsuzuki Touda would duck behind his chimney and wait until he was sure they'd all gone. SohRyu and Rikugou might be surprised to hear it, but he did not like to provoke Suzaku's wrath. It just happened.

He never admitted to having been waiting, of course. He'd just pretend that he'd happened across Tsuzuki by accident. Considering that it was a good thing that he didn't have good weeks too often. Tsuzuki would never have believed in accidental meetings that happened almost every week.

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