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Being Patient

Title: Being Patient
Fandom: Yami No Matsuei
Characters: Touda, Suzaku, SohRyu, Rikugou, Byakko, Genbu
Prompt: 009. Months.
Word Count: 1342.
Rating: G
Summary: So Touda's recovery will take a long time, if he ever recovers at all. Touda and patience?
Author's Notes: It took me a while to come up with a suitable story for this prompt, but I'm quite happy it was still free now.

"I refuse to have anything to do with it," Suzaku snapped at SohRyu. "I hate that filthy serpent. I'm glad he's lost his powers. Now at least he can't do us or Tsuzuki any harm."

"He was hurt defending our city and my daughter," SohRyu pointed out. "He deserves our gratitude."

"Yours maybe, but not mine," Suzaku declared, turned and walked away.

"But Suzaku," SohRyu called after her. "Your powers are the most like his. You're best suited to help him."

There was no telling whether she'd even heard him.

"I'll do it," Byakko offered enthusiastically. "I'd love to help Touda."

"You Byakko?" Rikugou asked. "I'm sure you mean well, but I doubt you have what it takes. This will be a long, very slow process. You are much too impatient. You'd only get pushy and ruin it all. It's better if I do it. Touda doesn't like me, but I have the patience for the job."

"No," said Genbu. "If Suzaku won't do it, I am the best shiki for the job. I have the most knowledge about his condition."

Realising that it was about to turn into an argument SohRyu stepped in. "Lets all take turns. We're all very busy and this will take a lot of time and effort. It can only help to split the load and we can also compare notes and see which methods work best."

"This is useless," said Touda. "There's nothing there to work with."

"That is highly unlikely," Genbu returned calmly. "High level shiki don't usually lose all their power through burnout. More likely we started too soon. Maybe the damage isn't healed far enough yet. These things take a lot of time. We have to be patient."

"Yeah, right," Touda snorted.

It had been two months since his battle with the demons and he'd just spent a whole hour trying to summon hellfire without producing a single spark. What was the use? His powers were gone.

Touda lay by the fireplace lazily watching the flames. Outside the fist snow of the year was falling and remembering his vulnerability to cold SohRyu had ordered him to stay inside.

He'd spent most of the day playing with Tenkou, but right now she wasdoing homework and he had nothing to keep his mind occupied.

Thus he was brooding. The dancing flames in the fireplace were beautiful, but reminded him too much of the ones he had once been able to conjure. As he watched the orange fire he imagined black flames dancing and rising. How he longed to ...

Something black flickered in the fireplace. It was only there for a second, but it brought Touda to his feet with a surprised and delighted hiss that would have made even Tenkou jump.

It took him over an hour to repeat the manifestation, but afterwards there could be no more doubt. He really did have some measure of power left, though by the looks of it, it was pathetically weak.

The snow and cold outside had a good side. It kept most of the commanders inside giving them more time to practise with Touda. Ever since his discovery that he still had powers the serpent had been very eager to practise. Not that he was very happy with the results.

"It's still just a single tiny flame," he complained. "What's the use of that? It's just barely enough to burn your paw with."

Byakko quickly withdrew his hands from sight causing Touda to smile weakly.

"It's improved a lot," the tiger reminded him. "I mean, do you remember how long it took you to conjure anything at all? Or how hard it was to hold it when you finally did? Now it comes whenever you want it to and it's relatively stable."

To be entirely honest Byakko had no idea how much flickering and fluctuation was normal for the fire element. His own air powers always danced a bit and he thought he'd heard that fire did even more so, but he might be wrong. He wasn't an expert by a long shot.

"Rikugou says that you're doing great and that we have to be patient." It was almost funny that Byakko of all shiki was recommending patience. "And we can't raise an inferno in here anyway. SohRyu would be furious with us for burning his furniture," the tiger continued. "Lets stick with shaping and moving the flame for now."

The short time goals had been set by Genbu and had Byakko fascinated. He knew a lot about moving an element, but air didn't lend itself to much shaping. A fire shiki's ability to form pictures and symbols with their power was something he'd been unaware of before and he was very enthusiastic about it.

"Can you write my name again?"

Touda decided to humour the tiger. Forming letters still required a lot of concentration, but he'd mastered it a while ago. He did enjoy watching Byakko's delight with the trick, though.

"And now do it faster."

The little black flame hopped from on candle to the other.

"And again."

Lessons with Rikugou were always the most boring, but Touda didn't dare to complain. He knew that the earth shiki was doing a lot to help him and he was the best expert they had, but it was still hard to remain attentive after half an hour of nothing but left candle, right candle, left ...

"And faster."

Maybe he should tell Rikugou that this was still nowhere near his speed limit? The flame had come to him at a mere thought for a while now.

Touda decided to lighten up the exercise with a few really fast jumps.

"Yes, and still faster!"

Okay, this wasn't difficult, but he was beginning to get confused by his own speed. Which candle's turn was it again?

"Hold it!"

The excited exclamation was so unexpected from Rikugou that Touda completely dropped his powers in surprise.

"That's it. You did it."

"Did what?"

Rikugou calmly pointed at the candles, which were both burning.

"Oh, another hit," Genbu giggled. "Five points to you, one to me. But I bet I can get past you with this!"

He threw two paper balls at once, but once again Touda burned them long before they could have reached the basket.

"Just you wait," Genbu threatened happily. "I'll win this game yet." And he started a fierce barrage of paper balls.

It was funny how childish this ancient shiki could be, but at least his lessons were never dull.

She had him cornered. Touda backed up close to the wall to make sure that Suzaku didn't get behind him, but that was purely out of instinct. It didn't matter where she attacked from. He didn't have anything to set against her. His only hope of getting out of this situation unhurt was that somebody would come by and save him.

"Still free you filthy traitor?" Suzaku glared at him. "I can't believe SohRyu's just letting you walk about like this. Well, I at least don't feel sorry for crippled monsters."

She leaned closer, lifted her sword ...

Once again Touda reacted purely on instinct throwing everything he had at her.

"Ouww!" Suzaku shrieked as the black fireball engulfed her.

She might be impervious to normal fire, but hellfire could hurt her, even if Touda was unable to do her any lasting harm.

The shriek brought the others running. Byakko took one look at the situation and burst into helpless laughter. One should never laugh at Suzaku. It made her furious.

"The traitor tried to kill me!"

"I'm sure," SohRyu stated dryly his eyes pointedly on the sword in her hand.

"Touda isn't powerful enough to do much more than singe your hair," Rikugou pointed out. "And I believe SohRyu told you to leave him alone."

"My skin's blistering!" Suzaku complained.

"Well," Genbu said happily. "It looks like Touda's fire is a worthwhile weapon after all."

It felt good to have them on his side for once.

to be continued in 072 Fixed

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