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That you have but slumbered here
While these visions did appear.
And this weak and idle theme,
No more yielding but a dream,
Gentles, do not reprehend.
If you pardon, we will mend.

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Title: Blue
Fandom: Yami No Matsuei
Characters: Touda, SohRyu, Tenkou, Genbu, Byakko, Rikugou (Suzaku mentioned)
Prompt: 015. Blue.
Word Count: 555.
Rating: G
Summary: SohRyu strikes out.
Author's Notes: Blue is SohRyu and SohRyu is probably the biggest danger to Touda there is so Touda will avoid him whenever possible. But what to write about those two? In the end this is more about the other shiki than about the mighty blue dragon.

"You did what?" SohRyu thundered whirling around to glare at Touda, long blue hair swirling around him.

Touda hesitated. Step back and show his fear of the mighty dragon or stand fast and hope he'll calm down?

The guardian of the east might be a water shiki, but he occasionally demonstrated a temper that equalled that of any fire shiki Touda knew. SohRyu had sentenced people to death out of anger before, even killed some in person. It was unwise to provoke him.

Yet, any weakness he showed in front of his fellow commanders would be exploited. Suzaku at the very least was always looking for an opening, though she'd probably attack him again anyway.

"I gave him an honest answer." He shrugged, playing it cool. "He asked my opinion, not what your official word was."

Maybe he should have delivered that with a little more diplomacy, but it was too late now. Too late even to step back.

In the wink of an eye SohRyu turned into his true shape and all Touda saw anymore was a wall of blue scales.

"You little snake!" the dragon's head roared high above him.

Touda threw his head back to look up at him, just in time to have the first stream of water splash right into his face. He spluttered and coughed, but it wasn't enough to drown him, just throw him to the ground and soak him.

His instinctive reaction produced only a hiss and a lot of smoke ... and a sharp pain in his head from the control device. It wouldn't let him fight another shiki, even just to defend himself.

With a whimper he clutched his head and prepared to die.

"No, Father! Please don't hurt him."

What the? Tenkou?

Sweet little girl. She'd never quite understood what he was, couldn't remember what he'd done. Perhaps her getting in the way would calm SohRyu, but then again she was so small, easily pushed aside ...

"Calm down, SohRyu." Genbu spoke up. "You don't want to kill Touda over this."

"He can't even defend himself." That was Byakko, sounding shaken. "Just look at him."

Two guardians trying to defend him? Him! It was almost to good to be true. The three other guardians together could overrule even SohRyu, but then Suzaku would never speak in his favour. It was all still in SohRyu's hands.

"I'm sure Tsuzuki understands the difference between Touda's opinion and an official statement." Rikugou said calmly. "It's not as if the rest of us never mention it to him when we disagree with your decisions. In fact, he sometimes specifically asks me to tell him what an argument was about."

A distinct growl from the blue dragon.

Touda tried to make himself as small as possible without being obvious about it.

"Those talks are usually quite soothing." Rikugou continued. "Tsuzuki likes to play mediator. I'm sure he'd be devastated to find out that his actions actually aggravated the situation this time."

SohRyu snorted. "The only reason I don't kill him is that it'd rob Tsuzuki of a powerful shiki. Do this again, though, and I will rip out your tongue!"

By the time Touda dared to look up SohRyu was gone. He stifled a sigh of relief and began to wring out his clothes. How he hated water shiki.

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