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Title: Rikugou
Fandom: Yami No Matsuei
Characters: Touda (Tsuzuki, SohRy, Bykko, Suzaku, Genbu and of course Rikugou mentioned)
Prompt: 017. Brown.
Word Count: 538.
Rating: G
Summary: The relationship between Rikugou and Touda.
Author's Notes: Somehow I donít think Rikugou distrusts Touda as much as the rest. So why canít Rikugou be Toudaís friend among his fellow shikigami?

Tsuzuki had mentioned once that he associated the colour brown with autumn. SohRyu had answered that to the shikigami it was the colour of earth and it was true that most earth type shiki favoured it.

As far as Touda was concerned however brown was Rikugou's colour.

People considered it dull and ugly. It didn't shine like the emperor's gold, or Suzaku's red or even SohRyu's blue. It wasn't pure like Byakko's white or threatening like Touda's own black. Brown was drab, no doubt about it.

It was pure understatement. And that was what Rikugou was all about.

Among all the colourful, boastful commanders Rikugou tended to blend in, become just another face in the crowd, be overlooked. Mild-mannered and calm he was usually mistaken for harmless.

Outside of a direct confrontation with SohRyu in a rage, Rikugou was the one Touda feared the most. That was probably ironic, he thought, as Rikugou was perhaps the most tolerant of his behaviour. At times one could almost say that he treated him kindly.

Yet, Touda knew that though he was often overlooked, Rikugou himself missed nothing. Every tiny detail, every casual little word dropped in a conversation was filed away in his mind, analysed, combined with prior information that might be centuries old and stored for later reference.

Rikugou missed nothing, forgot nothing and was rarely wrong.

The results he drew from his collection of little details were frighteningly accurate and surprising. He found connections between things no other would have dreamed of.

Genbu with all his experience and knowledge was much less frightening.

Genbu also didn't dare challenge SohRyu.

Rikugou, outwardly little more than Genbu's secretary, did. In a calm, unassuming voice he'd tell SohRyu logically, why he was wrong or even unfit to lead others, especially an entire realm.

SohRyu'd spit water and rage at him and Rikugou would just calmly stand there and wait for the temper tantrum to pass. It drove SohRyu out of his mind and Rikugou knew it.

The thing Rikugou understood best was other people, their thoughts and feelings and that was what scared Touda. He didn't want to be understood. His feelings were his weak spot, carefully hidden and guarded, his thoughts private property. He'd share his thoughts voluntarily from time to time, but never his feelings. He rather wished Rikugou wouldn't pry.

But then he also understood that Rikugou didn't actually pry. His ability to analyse another shiki's actions was the kind of talent that one just couldn't control. As difficult as collecting so many tiny bits of data and their logical analysis seemed to the average mind, Rikugou just couldn't help it. It was the way his mind worked, as automatic as breathing.

The only way to avoid it was by avoiding Rikugou, and avoid Rikugou was what Touda did. Unfortunately he was quite aware that a shiki like Rikugou would never miss something as obvious as the fact that Touda was avoiding him and it wasn't even a challenge to a mind like his to conclude that he was avoiding him, because he feared him. Knowing Rikugou he'd probably consider it obvious why Touda feared him. He'd understand.

Rikugou understood everything, even that Touda hated being understood.

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