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That you have but slumbered here
While these visions did appear.
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No more yielding but a dream,
Gentles, do not reprehend.
If you pardon, we will mend.

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Sneaking In

Title: Sneaking In
Fandom: Yami No Matsuei
Characters: Touda, (Tenkuu and SohRyu mentioned)
Prompt: 018. Black.
Word Count: 441.
Rating: G
Summary: Touda doesn’t really understand his own feelings, but he’s drawn to this place nevertheless.
Author's Notes: This one was surprisingly easy to write, even though I originally meant to write about Touda’s fire instead.

Sneaking In

Again and again he was drawn back to his cell. If it weren’t for Tenkuu’s painful comments, Touda might well have set up residence there permanently, he thought with a wry smile. As it was he only came all the way down into the dungeons when he felt sure that the palace shiki was asleep and wouldn’t notice.

Usually Tenkuu’s first cruel remark greeted him the moment he entered the palace and on those days Touda redirected his steps towards the computer room or, more rarely towards SohRyu’s study. Unpleasant as meetings with the powerful dragon were, they still served as a welcome distraction from ... other things.

Things which Touda didn’t want to examine too closely. He didn’t want to know what drove him to return to the place that had been his prison for centuries. He had been so happy to get out. He shouldn’t want to ever see the place again.

Not that he was seeing much of it right now. He hadn’t brought a torch and it wasn’t because he’d forgotten. Sneaking was better done in the dark and he liked the dark. It felt safe, protective. Maybe it had something to do with his power. The black fire of hell was a darkness even deeper than any dungeon could ever reach and it was part of him. He controlled it. Or did it control him?

He let black flames dance over the floor in the middle of the room staring deep into their pitch black depth. No creature’s eyes could pierce that blackness.

Black as hell.

Black as his soul.

Black as his heart.

This was his fire. This was him.

He wanted to curl up there. On the floor, right next to his flames. But if he gave in to that impulse he’d fall asleep here and when Tenkuu woke in the morning and found him here, with the black fire blazing ...

Tenkuu hated and feared the black flames. Normal fire couldn’t harm the powerful palace much, but the black flames were a different matter. They could burn anything.

He could put out the flames before he curled up, of course, but he didn’t much care for the ridicule that would follow, if Tenkuu found out he’d slept in the one place the palace claimed he belonged. And he didn’t even want to know what the rest of them would say.

No, he’d leave now. It was late enough that he didn’t risk being seen on his way out. He’d find a dark corner to spend the night in elsewhere. Outside, where no one was likely to catch him still asleep in the morning.

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