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Sixty Years

Title: Sixty Years
Fandom: Yami No Matsuei
Characters: Touda, Kichin
Prompt: 020. Colourless.
Word Count: 873.
Rating: PG.
Summary: Touda's unhappy and Kijin can't help.
Author's Notes: Work's not giving me any time to write right now, so this was hastily typed right now and not even proofread. The prompt's been giving me trouble for a while now, though and I'm really glad I finally found something to write about it.

It had been exactly sixty years since Touda had been released from his prison. Sixty years weren't that long a time in the life of a shiki, but then it wasn't the wink of an eye either.

Touda sighed and curled up tighter on his chosen roof of the day.

Back then he'd been a little surprised but not truly worried at how washed out and colourless the other shiki appeared to him. It had been the same when he'd first arrived in GenSouKai, knowing nobody, a stranger in a strange city. As he'd gotten to know the people around him they'd coloured in, making it easy at first to pick out the ones he knew in a crowd.

He'd expected the same to happen when he'd come out of prison ascribing the loss of colour to his subconscious warning him that people had to have changed during the long time he'd been gone and expecting the colours to return once he grew familiar with them once again. Sixty years should have been enough to re-familiarise himself with the shiki he met every day.

Touda sighed again as he looked out over the dull, not quite grey, but not really colourful expanse of the city below him. Foreigners usually praised GenSouKai's vivid colours and lights and once upon a time he'd loved to sit here and watch the colours change at sunset, a small pleasure that now seemed forever lost.

There was only one thing left in the world that seemed colourful in his eyes and that was Tsuzuki. What a strange thing to think of a man who mostly consisted of blacks and whites.

"There you are!"

Touda looked up at the sound of the familiar voice. Kijin. He suspected that the boy was supposed to look blue, like his father, but he had never met him before his imprisonment, so he didn't really know.

"Wormhole?" he asked stating the first thing on his mind that he might be needed for.

"Oh no, nothing like that," Kijin assured him sitting down on the roof beside him. "I actually ... Well, to be honest I originally went looking for you, because I wanted to ask you something, but it's not important, really."

Was the boy blushing? He couldn't really see the difference in his face, but the way he ducked his head and looked at the ground indicated this was girlfriend trouble again. Or not having girlfriend trouble, most likely. Poor Kijin was much too shy to talk to the girls he fancied and by the time he worked up his courage they usually had been snatched away by somebody else.

Why he always came to Touda with these woes was beyond the serpent. It wasn't like he'd ever been able to help.

"That pretty white owlet you mentioned last time?"

Kijin nodded. "I saw her kiss an older barn owl shiki yesterday. Probably for the best. Dragons and birds don't mix well."

"My mother was a rabbit," Touda pointed out. "And my father a snake. Can't get much worse a combination." Not that they'd actually ever been a couple, but that was neither here nor there and Kijin definitely didn't need to hear the story.

Kijin shrugged. "That's not why I wanted to talk to you anyway. I'm over her. Met somebody else, actually, but that's not why I'm here now either. Rikugou told me it's a special day for you and well, ... I thought we should celebrate, but you don't look too happy. I thought you'd be glad about ... you know, being out."

"I ..." He hadn't realised any of the others were even aware of the significance of the date. "I suppose I should be, but then I'm not really 'out' as you put it, not completely."

He looked into the boy's confused face. How could he expect Kijin to understand something that was only a vague nagging feeling to himself? "I'm beginning to think I never will be."

He didn't know where the words had come from, but they were true he realised after he'd said them. Somehow, even though he was free to move about the city as he pleased some part of him was still chained to that wall in the dark.

Kijin looked at him with big frightened eyes, helpless in front of a problem that was so far out of what little experience he had.

Touda smiled at him. "You are too young for this, I know. I should take this problem to Genbu or perhaps Rikugou. They'll know what to do about it." Yeah, right, but it was better, if Kijin thought he'd talk it over with somebody the boy trusted in. At this young age he was probably still convinced that Genbu could solve anything. "Now tell me about this new flame of yours."

"Are you sure?" Kijin asked hesitantly. "It's your day today and you've done so much for me. Shouldn't it be my turn to help you?"

"Ah, but you are helping me, " Touda assured him. "You're distracting me from my own problems and yours we might just be able to solve together."

Well, it was better than to sit around here all day at least.

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