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Business Meeting

Title: Business Meeting
Fandom: Yami No Matsuei
Characters: Touda, Tsuzuki (SohRyu mentioned)
Prompt: 021. Friends.
Word Count: 810.
Rating: G
Summary: Forced to work closely together over some time Touda and Byakko seem to be making friends ... If only certain teenage problems weren’t getting in the way.
Author's Notes: This was the first plot hedgehog for the story the fic for Prompt 088 School was taken from as well. Tsuzuki holds a meeting with all the undercover agents in the school. It’s meant for comparing notes and discussing results, but the things actually coming up in these meetings turn out to be of a very different nature ... ;)

Tsuzuki almost sighed out loud in relief when his last real class of the day was finally over. He loved children, but in the numbers they came in in schools their childish antics were just a little more than he could take. At least when subjected to them for eight hours a day for an entire week.

Sometimes he wondered whether it had really been necessary to go undercover in a high school, but then their investigation had yielded no other hints to follow up on. Not that the undercover work had brought any progress so far, despite the fact that they'd placed their agents not only among the staff, but also in every single year of students, almost always in pairs.

Well, at least this fake class, which was actually meant to give them a chance to exchange information, would give him a little break. It was good to be alone with his colleagues and Shiki at least two hours every week and not have to pretend to be an enthusiastic young teacher.

He walked into the classroom with a happy greeting, closed the door behind himself and glanced over the assembled 'students'.

Two empty seats and Touda and Byakko were sitting as far apart as possible while still sharing a desk, backs turned on each other demonstratively and staring at opposite walls.

What could have gone wrong? They'd been doing so well together that Tsuzuki had entertained serious hopes of a lasting friendship between them.

The empty seats were even more worrying. Of course his phoenix-shiki had been late before, but ...

"Do any of you have an idea where SohRyu is?" he asked the room at large.

The one most likely to know, just had to be Suzaku who had most of her classes with him, but was missing as well.

"Detention." Was that a hint of a giggle in Rikugo's tone? "For bossing around a teacher."

"But didn't he say that he has a class now?" Tsuzuki asked in exasperation. He needed SohRyu!

"I don't think Katsumoto Sensai really would have cared." Teimo offered. "He looked quite ... pissed off as the students say."

"Oh great." It just had to be the vice headmaster. SohRyu couldn't possibly start trouble with somebody Tsuzuki could charm into forgiving him. "Suzaku?"

"Called to the headmaster's office." Tenkou reported. "I think she beat up that boy again. Shiro, or Shin, or something like that."

Tsuzuki sighed and ran a hand through his hair which was already completely messed up anyway.

"And just what is the problem between you two?" he asked Touda and Byakko.

At first there was no response.

"Apparently it answers to 'Mariko'." Kijin supplied after a moment.

"Touda has a girlfriend." Byakko announced in a fake happy voice.

"Do not." Touda pouted.

He looked so cute as a twelve year old! In fact, he thought that all his Shiki looked adorable as teenagers, but neither SohRyu nor Suzaku had appreciated when Tsuzuki had mentioned it and he had a feeling Touda wouldn't either.

"You kissed her." Byakko insisted.

"She kissed me." Touda countered.

"So what's the difference?" Tsuzuki asked grinning and trying to remember Mariko. He'd had that class yesterday, but he'd seen so many students in the last two weeks.

"It was a simple peck on the cheek," Touda protested. "To thank me for helping her with her Math homework. If you occasionally did your homework, you could have helped her and she'd have kissed you instead."

"I've got better things to do than simple seventh grade Math." This time it was Byakko's turn to pout.

"Yes, simple." Touda smirked. "So simple that you're failing the class."

"Am not."

"You've failed the test we had last week and haven't handed in a single homework. And you're not doing much better in your other subjects either."

"You promised not to tell Tsuzuki about that test!"

"Well, you shouldn't have kept bugging me about Mariko," Touda snapped back. "Or maybe started studying. It's not like you could hide actually failing the class at the end of the year."

"We're not going to be here that long," Byakko declared.

"Oh, have you finally found a clue?" Tsuzuki asked hopefully.

"Um ... no," Byakko admitted.

"See?" grinned Touda. "Looks like we're going to be here for a long, long time."

"Maybe you should get a tutor, Byakko," Tsuzuki decided. "Who's doing best in your Math class?"

Byakko glared at Touda. "A certain guy who gets kisses from the prettiest girl in school for it and doesn't even want them."

"The secret weapon's called homework." Touda glared back.

"Get along, boys," Tsuzuki recommended, feeling oddly reminded of his last class this morning. Then he turned to the rest of the 'class'. "Anything else I should be aware of? Hints, suspicions, more problems?"

He was almost grateful that there as no answer.

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