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Toudaís List

Title: Toudaís List
Fandom: Yami No Matsuei
Characters: Touda (almost every shiki mentioned)
Prompt: 022. Enemies.
Word Count: 751.
Rating: G.
Summary: Touda is preparing for what he thinks is inevitable.
Author's Notes: This one changed direction halfway through the writing. Not sure whether itís any good or I should have cut the first part, but I didnít feel like cutting.

Touda watched his fellow divine commanders.

He'd once said he'd be enemies with them all. What he'd really meant was that at the end of the day they were his enemies anyway, though sometimes he wasn't so sure. There was that nagging fear in him that they could get even worse.

Oh, not Suzaku, no. But SohRyu, who tolerated him for Tsuzuki's sake, or Tenkou, who was currently too young to understand who he was and what he'd done.

Then there was Rikugou who sometimes seemed to make an effort to be friendly. And Byakko. He'd never had a fight with Byakko, yet.

The tiger was too lazy and easy-going to throw sudden tantrums, but Touda knew that he had a temper. All air-shiki did. They weren't as explosive as fire shiki, but when they did explode ...

And Byakko was powerful, a guardian even. Touda didn't want to be on a guardian's bad side, but somehow he had a tendency to end up on everybody's hate list. It was bad enough that he was at war with Suzaku and always just a step away from an all out battle with SohRyu.

Would he really stand a chance of survival in a fight against all four? Just where did Genbu stand and how dangerous was he in battle?

Genbu had to be very powerful to have reached his position, but Touda had never seen him in a fight. Earth shiki didn't tend to be warriors, so maybe Genbu's strengths lay elsewhere?

Then again Rikugou was quite formidable on the rare occasions that he did get physical. Touda just couldn't imagine someone respecting a teacher who was a lesser fighter than themselves.

Genbu didn't seem to have a very long attention span and concentration was vital in battle, but that was very unlikely in an earth shiki. It was air shiki that usually had problems concentrating. Perhaps it was an act.

So Touda watched his enemies compiling lists in his head.

SohRyu was the one he considered the most dangerous. He was the most powerful and his weapon could affect Touda the most easily.

He tended to put Suzaku second, even though her fire couldn't hurt him. She was a warrior and hated him most of all and she'd fought him the most often. She should be most used to his style and able to predict his reactions by now. She'd find a way to kill him somehow.

Then Byakko, who wasn't a killer by nature, but had all the power he needed to rip Touda to pieces. His wind-powers were probably the best possible defence against hellfire as well. If Byakko were willing to fan the flames and put others at risk that was. Touda didn't think he would, which was why he put the cat behind Suzaku.

Next came Genbu, purely on suspicion. An unknown quantity in the equation. It might be wrong to just assume that he was the worst fighter out of the guardians, but Touda counted on him at least being out of practise. If he were practising regularly, someone would have seen it sometime. Earth wasn't a very offensive power anyway.

Teimou on the other hand ... now that was offensive power galore. The forbidden magic was powerful and deadly. That was why it was forbidden.

Rikugou with little offensive power, but a devious mind and enough physical skill to hold his own in a fight with almost anyone.

Daion, though Touda thought he could take that one quite easily.

Tenku's powers were passive, but his strategies were sound. He was no treat on his own, but could pose a problem when co-ordinating a team effort. If that happened Touda was quite sure he'd be as good as dead.

Touda wasn't sure who should be next on the list. Kouchin wasn't a warrior and Kjin lacked the experience to be truly dangerous. He was old enough to have the control over his powers that he needed in battle, though.

Tenkou was last. She was still too young to fight, but you never knew what the future might bring. Touda didn't want to have to kill her, but what choice would he have? If he did win against all the others he couldn't spare her, or she'd grow up to avenge them.

He hated thinking about these things, but he knew that he had to be prepared. Someday in one way or another Tsuzuki wouldn't be there to protect him from the others' hatred and then they'd attack.

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