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A Walk In The Gardens

Title: A Walk In The Gardens
Fandom: Yami No Matsuei
Characters: Touda, Byakko (Suzaku, Tsuzuki and Kichin mentioned)
Prompt: 023. Lovers.
Word Count: 366.
Rating: G
Summary: Touda walks through the palace gardens and remembers happier days.
Author's Notes: This was originally for the Colourless prompt, but then Byakko walked in and I actually think I managed a faint hint of Byakko/Touda.

He remembered that he once liked the palace gardens when the cherry trees were in bloom. They had been colourful and beautiful then. This year everything seemed empty and grey.

Not that it surprised Touda. It had been this way every year since Tsuzuki freed him. No matter what he did or where he went the world remained grey and empty.

He remembered walking here with the girl he'd loved long, long ago. He'd still been relatively new to the city, but as a divine commander he'd had access to the palace and grounds and he'd been so excited about the gardens' beauty he'd had to show her.

It had been a wonderful day. They'd laughed and walked and even danced around until their feet had hurt and then they'd lain under a tree and watched the wind play with the blossoms.

Her family had been so proud that she was dating such a high level shiki, even though they'd probably known that the relationship wouldn't last. They had both been so very young. It would be so much more serious, if he were to choose a lover now, but then who in their right mind would want to date him?

He sped up to get the gardens behind him. He was probably needed in the computer room.

"Did you see?" Byakko appeared by his side eyes dancing with mirth.

"See what?" he snapped.

"Kijin." Byakko giggled. "He kissed Suzaku. Right there under that tree."

"Kijin and Suzaku?" Touda shrugged. "It won't last."

Byakko laughed. "I'll give it a week at best, but isn't it cute? First love."

"He'll be hurt," said Touda. "Love always hurts."

Byakko stopped smiling at that and Touda almost wished he could take back his words. Why did he care whether Byakko was happy?

"Do you really think so?" the tiger asked. "I mean always? Even when it's right?"

"It's never right," Touda said. "It's like the cherry blossoms, beautiful for a while, but they never last"

Now he'd really spoiled Byakko's mood, but for some reason the tiger trudged on beside him anyway. Touda sighed. Sometimes he just felt so old. He shouldn't burden the younger shiki with such thoughts.

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