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Little Worriess

Title: Little Worries
Fandom: Yami No Matsuei
Characters: Byakko, Touda, Tsuzuki (SohRyu, Tenkou and Kijin mentioned)
Prompt: 024. Family.
Word Count: 542.
Rating: G
Summary: Tsuzuki’s asks an innocent question, but maybe the topic’s better left alone.
Author's Notes: I don’t remember where I came up with this background for Touda, but it’s quite firmly established itself in my mind. Byakko is the POV character here. Somehow I find that he and Touda make a good combination. They balance each other out.

Little Worries

“It worries me a little,“ Tsuzuki commented watching Tenkou and Kijin play in front of the door to SohRyu’s study.

The children spent a lot of time there lately, waiting for their father to come out. Apparently they’d been told not to interrupt his work.

“What worries you?” Byakko asked eagerly. “I’ll take care of it.”

“That SohRyu hardly ever seems to have time for his family,” Tsuzuki said with a sigh. “Is it normal for Shiki fathers to take so little interest in their children?”

“Yes,” said Touda.

“No,” sighed Byakko at exactly the same time.

They stared at each other for a moment before Touda shrugged and looked away.

Tsuzuki looked from one to the other.

“Well, mine didn’t,” Byakko amended his statement. “I’ve never really paid much attention to what other people’s fathers did.”

He paused and saw Tsuzuki’s now even more worried look. Touda still wasn’t looking at either of them pretending that he’d never entered the conversation at all.

It was creepy sometimes how Touda would trot along with you silently, often half a pace behind as if he were pretending not to be there at all. A dark, deadly presence. The others tended to get unnerved by it. Each of them had their own strategy to rid themselves of the silent shadow. Byakko tried not to let it bother him, especially when, like now, they were with Tsuzuki. Touda had as much right to be with his master as the rest of them and he wasn’t actually hurting anyone by hanging around.

It’d be easier, if he’d just talk to people, though.

“My father was very playful,” he continued hoping to mollify both his companions. “He enjoyed playing with children. SohRyu’s a very busy shiki, what with having to run the entire realm. He’s responsible for the well-being of all of us and he does see to it that his children are always well cared for.”

Tsuzuki nodded, but Byakko knew it was mostly to console him, not because he’d managed to ease his master’s worries.

“So, what was your father like, Touda?” the shinigami continued with a smile so bright it had to be faked.

Touda shrugged again turning his back on them. “I don’t know. Never met him.”

Tsuzuki’s smile faltered. “I’m sorry.” A hopeful look. “But you did have your mother, didn’t you?”

“Yes,” Touda stated darkly. “I did know my mother.”

And all of a sudden Byakko remembered just who Touda’s father had been. He’d never met him either, but his father had spoken of him sometimes, an exiled prince from the serpent kingdom who’d been taken in by a minor country Lord looking to profile himself. The prince had leeched off the Lord’s generosity making him pay for his every whim. He’d never acknowledged Touda, the bastard child of one of the Lord’s servant girls, but a single look at Touda was all it took to prove his parentage. After all how many other black serpent shiki were there running around GenSouKai?

He shook his head at Tsuzuki when the shinigami opened his mouth to speak again, indicating that he should not dig deeper. Byakko did not want to know what it meant to grow up as a slave girl’s bastard.

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