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Spirit Hunters

Title: Spirit Hunters
Fandom: Yami No Matsuei
Characters: Mostly Touda and SohRyu, but a few others get to show up as well.
Prompt: 026. Teammates.
Word Count: 1157.
Rating: G.
Summary: Tsuzuki pairs up his shiki for a job. Unfortunately he hasn’t thought it through in advance.
Author's Notes: I have become more interested in the relationship of those two lately. There’s a lot of story potential there.

"So a lot of the spirits may have escaped," Tsuzuki explained. "But they aren't very powerful and they can only shield themselves against one element each. All of you have elemental powers, so by working in pairs of two different elements you should have no problem with them."

Then he paired them up.

"... and that leaves ... Touda and Suzaku?"

"Bad idea," Hisoka pointed out. "Have you ever heard of planning ahead?"

All except one other pair had already departed. Tsuzuki looked hopefully at SohRyu and Taimou.

"I refuse to be paired with the traitor," Taimou stated calmly.

Touda hissed at her. Frankly he'd have liked to refuse to work with any of them, but he knew how well that would be received.

"Then you'll have to team up with Suzaku," SohRyu announced.

"What!" Taimou shrieked.

At least Touda wasn't the only one who didn't like the bird.

"Different elements, remember?" SohRyu sighed. "They're both fire shiki."

Touda made sure to always fly a few metres behind SohRyu as they searched their assigned area. The spirits seemed to like travelling in small groups. Wherever SohRyu saw one he'd swoop down and dissolve them in a spray of water and Touda would follow a little behind and burn the few that were left.

The method worked fine for them until they came upon a large group that had taken cover in an old warehouse.

SohRyu landed in the street outside and inspected the door.

Hesitantly Touda touched down beside him. The mighty blue dragon turned his head to regard him intently.

Touda drew back nervously.

"That will be a tight fit," SohRyu commented indicating the door with a swipe of his neck. "I'm not sure I can squeeze through without damaging the wall."

"I'll fit," Touda declared. He was a large snake, but not nearly as tall as SohRu and he didn't have any extremities that could get in the way.

"Right, you should fit," SohRyu agreed. "So you'll go in there and I'll guard the door and pick off those that decide to run."

It was ridiculously easy at first. Touda just slipped inside and burned every spirit he caught sight of. Their pathetic little magic bounced off his scales and they didn't last long enough to get into clawing range.

Only when he noticed a spirit that just walked through the flames did he remember that some of them were impervious to fire.

There were eight of those as it turned out and his physical attacks went right through them harmlessly. Unfortunately it worked a lot better the other way around.

The first spirit that reached him sank vicious fangs into his tail. Touda hissed angrily and swung his tail, but it just clung on fangs sinking in even deeper. He writhed and rolled trying to squash the biting and scratching spirits, but they passed harmlessly through the walls and floor. The smallest suddenly launched itself at his face and before Touda could react sharp teeth sank into his nose.

He shrieked in pain and shook his head the sound of splintering wood and breaking glass barely registering in his brain.

The next moment there was a splash and cold water washed over him. It hissed against his scales and then the spirits were gone. Touda blinked the water out of his eyes and found SohRyu's head sticking in through a closed window.

"Well, so much for not damaging the building," he commented indicating the broken and scorched shelves and boxes he’d rolled in to make sure the dragon didn’t take it personally.

“Did I,” SohRyu hesitated over the word for just a moment. “Hurt you?”

“No, that’s all from the spirits,” Touda assured him. “You just made me wet.”

“Alright then.” SohRyu withdrew his head. “Come on out and ... Wait a minute! Shouldn’t your fire power prevent you from getting wet?”

“Only to a certain point,” Touda returned slipping back out into the street. His wounds hurt with every move. “Else the ocean would dry up the moment I even touch it. When my fire’s overpowered I get wet like everybody else.”

He shook his head in an attempt to throw off the water that was running over his visor.

SohRyu sat in the street looking at him as if trying to solve a puzzle.

“I didn’t throw an ocean at you, though,” he remarked. “That would have been a waste of energy with these little spirits.”

“It was a highly concentrated burst of water-power,” Touda explained. “The visor blocks any sudden increases in my power output. If you want a high level burst from me, you have to let me work up to it slowly.”

“So how much power can you call on right now?” SohRyu asked a little worriedly.

“With the visor remaining on? None at all for at least a day. If I could take it off not until I’m dry.”

SohRyu cursed.

“What?” The dragon had stopped using strong language ever since he had children.

“We’ll have to abort the mission. We don’t have a weapon against water shielding spirits,” SohRyu decided pointedly regarding the wound in Touda’s tail. “I’d rather not play with those things without backup. Can you fly?”

Touda nodded.

“Come on then.”

He could fly, but his wounds hurt with every move and he soon fell behind. After a moment SohRyu fell in beside him letting the serpent pick their pace.

“We need to practise this,” he announced out of the blue.

“Practise what?” Touda asked. Maybe conversation would distract him from the pain.

“Teamwork,” SohRyu explained. “This mission was a disaster. If those spirits had been just a little more coordinated, they could have defeated us easily. We never really covered each other’s backs, didn’t coordinate our movements and weren’t aware of each other’s weak points. If you analyse our actions from a neutral point of view we made every foolish mistake short of flying into each other.”

Touda tilted his head sidewards and thought it over. “You’re exaggerating.”

“Maybe,” SohRyu allowed. “But it doesn’t change the fact that shiki serving the same master should be prepared to fight together. We’ll have to practise all the possible combinations.”

“There are twelve of us,” Touda pointed out. “And I refuse to set foot on any kind of practise ground while Suzaku’s there.”

The dragon’s eyes widened. Touda hadn’t refused him since his release from his prison deep within Tenku.

“I suppose,” he said very slowly. “That some combinations are just hopeless. And even Tsuzuki must know by now that fire and fire is a bad combination.”

They flew on in silence until Tsuzuki and Hisoka came into sight below.

“So we’re going to tell him we failed miserably?” Touda asked.

“They ganged up and attacked us from behind,” SohRyu suggested. “I did not think it wise to continue the mission with an injured partner.” He grinned then added: “You might want to limp a little.”

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