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Guessing Game

Title: Guessing Game
Fandom: Yami No Matsuei
Characters: Touda, Tenkou, Byakko, Taimou (SohRyu, Kijin, Tenkuu and Suzaku mentioned ... maybe others as well, but I think that’s all of them)
Prompt: 028. Children.
Word Count: 1.396.
Rating: G
Summary: Tenkou had a nightmare, but that’s what babysitters are for. Right?
Author's Notes: More about Touda and the horse to come, probably under the title ‘Protector’, most likely more about the master and his whip and perhaps also about the incident with the river and little Touda’s fear of water.

Guessing Game

“Touda?“ Tenkou stood in the door in her nightshift staring at her naked toes and clutching her stuffed dragon.

Touda blinked at her. Hadn’t she been fast asleep when he’d checked on the children only half an hour ago? He’d been so sure he’d finally gotten something right by managing to send them to bed on time.

Should he have done something more? Perhaps there was something more children needed to be able to sleep? He vaguely remembered hearing people speak of ‘tucking in’ their children, ‘good night kisses’ and ‘bedtime stories’.

Suzaku had been right. He really was the worst babysitter of all times. Not that he’d ever admit it to the featherbrain’s face.

Anyway, there had been no other choice. Everybody had been needed to help with the wormholes and only Touda had enough practise to track that many of them on the computer at once. He’d had to be the one to stay behind with the children and that meant he also had to watch them.

He’d hoped it wouldn’t mean he had to stay the night, but Kijin had been adamant that they weren’t able to sleep without an adult around in case of an emergency and no, Tenkuu didn’t count.

“Yes?” he asked the little girl wearily.

“I had a nightmare!” she burst out and threw herself into his arms sobbing.

“Erm ...” What now? If you’d asked him five minutes ago Touda would have told you that he knew everything about nightmares. Now he wasn’t so sure. “What kind of nightmare, honey?”

“The worst.” she sniffled.

“The kind where there’s a big battle and lots of blood and dead bodies?” Oh, how he knew those!

“No.” Tenkou looked up at him sniffling a little less. “I’ve never had one like that.”

“Really?” Touda asked surprised. “I get those all the time.”

“Cool.” Tenkou declared. “I want one. Sounds exciting.”

Touda suppressed a shudder and put her back on her feet. Lucky child, she didn’t know what true terror was.

“So what was your nightmare about then?” he asked again.

Tenkou hopped onto his bed ... well the bed in one of her father’s servants’ rooms. Touda hadn’t dared to claim a guest room and this one had been closest to the children’s rooms anyway. Probably meant for a nurse or nanny, so it had to be the right place for the babysitter, Touda had thought.

“Guess!” the tiny shiki demanded as she snuggled under the covers.

“Hmmm ...” What other kinds of nightmares were there? He doubted Tenkou would have ones where she was hunted by her father and the other divine commanders.

Well, except for him, of course, but she wouldn’t come to him, if he’d been in her nightmare. At least he didn’t think she would. Then again ...

“Was it the kind of nightmare where something chases you?” he tried.

“No.” Tenkou said smugly. “But I do know those. They’re nasty. With big, mean demons, or cyclones, or shiki-eating shadows.”

“Or nasty adults.” Touda nodded. He’d had some of those when he’d been her age.

That was it. He shouldn’t be thinking of the nightmares he had now. They were based too much on experiences a sweet little girl like Tenkou wouldn’t have had, yet. He had to think of the ones he’d had when he’d been small.

“Was it about someone punishing you?” He didn’t think Tenkou had ever felt a whip in her life, but maybe sheltered children had a similar fear of house arrest or no pudding as he’d had of his master’s whip.

“No.” Tenkou giggled.

“Was it of someone wanting to do nasty things to you?” He tried remembering the pranks the other children had played on him when he’d been very small. Of course nobody would dare to deliberately hurt SohRyu’s daughter, but maybe Kijin had unintentionally scared her with something he’d intended as a harmless joke and she was reliving that in her dreams.

“No. What kind of things would that be?” She sounded honestly baffled.

“Well,” he thought a moment until he found a rather harmless example. “When I was very small an older boy pushed me into a river once. He didn’t know I couldn’t swim.”

“What happened?” Wide eyes stared out at him from under his pillow.

“His father pulled me out the moment he noticed, but I had nightmares of that for weeks.” Not to mention the kid and his friends had kept trying until he’d finally overcome his fear of water and it had stopped being fun.

That had actually been a nightmare instilled by a real danger at that time, so perhaps ...

“Was there a wormhole in your dream?”



“No, why would I be afraid of water?”

Right, she was a water shiki.

“Fire?” He’d never been afraid of fire of course, but a water shiki might be.


“Were you locked in?” Those nightmares of his cell ... He’d probably have one of those tonight. What with sleeping inside Tenkuu again, even if it was several floors above the dungeons.


Touda sighed. “Then I give up. I can’t guess.”

“Fine, I’ll tell you,” Tenkou promised. “But then you have to tell me a long story.”

“About what?” He wasn’t exactly good at inventing stories.

Tenkou thought for a moment. “About when you were small,” she decided. “About friends.”

Ah yes, there weren’t any other children her age around and she loved to hear the others tell of their childhood friends. How was she to know he had no such stories to tell?

“My best friend was a horse, actually,” he told her. “A really wild one. Do you want to hear how I befriended him?”

“Oh yes, adventure!” Tenkou nodded excitedly. “Tell!”

“Oh no, you first.”

She frowned. “Okay. I dreamed I was all alone and I couldn’t see anyone because it was terribly dark and I called and called, but there was nobody there. The dark’s so terribly scary.”

“It is?” Touda asked surprised. “I always liked being alone in the dark. In fact, when I was about your age I used to sneak out of the house at night to be alone. And during summer the horses would often spend the night outside as well ...”

“I just hope the children are alright.” Taimou said.

She and Byakko had finally managed to dispose of their wormhole and when they’d checked in with SohRyu he’d sent them back to GenSouKai to rest. Surprisingly it had been Suzaku rather than SohRyu who’d asked them to check on Touda and the children.

“Why wouldn’t they be?” Byakko asked. “Touda wouldn’t actually hurt them. He might not be exactly good with people, but with the control device on he’s absolutely harmless.”

“I don’t think he’d intentionally hurt them, but he’s probably scared the wits out of the poor things with his threats,” Taimou argued. “Either that or he’s let them run wild and they might have hurt themselves.”

Byakko paled. He hadn’t thought of that. Touda had no experience minding children at all and he was such an insensitive idiot, he probably had no idea how to go about it.

He fastened his steps towards the children’s rooms, but then noticed a door to his right that was a crack open. Candlelight flickered through that crack attracting his attention. There wasn’t supposed to be anybody in there.

“Someone must have forgotten to blow out the candle,” Taimou decided when he pointed it out. “We should extinguish it before it burns down and starts a fire.”

“You’re right. I’ll just ...” Byakko pushed open the door and stepped into the room. His eyes widened and one hand flew to his mouth.

“What is it? Is something ...”

“Shhhh,” Byakko shushed Taimou. “Look.”

He stepped aside silently and then Taimou saw it too. Tenkou was asleep in the small servant’s bed and next to her, half kneeling on the floor, half draped over the bed slept Touda.

Cautiously Byakko tiptoed over to the desk and blew out the candle. Lucky he had the night sight of a cat even in his human form.

“Aren’t they cute?” Byakko asked once they were back out in the corridor with the door securely closed. “He must have fallen asleep watching over her.”

“And we were worried that he wouldn’t watch them enough.” Taimou said contritely.

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