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In The End

Title: In The End
Fandom: Yami No Matsuei
Characters: Touda, SohRyu, Hisoka
Prompt: 032. Sunset.
Word Count: 837.
Rating: PG
Summary: And all of a sudden it was all over.
Author's Notes: Sort of character death warning.

"So Tsuzuki decided it was finally time to move on," Hisoka finished with a slight shrug.

Even Touda knew well enough that the boy wasn't as indifferent to Tsuzuki's final death as he tried to appear, nor was he ignorant of the assembled shiki's feelings. Hisoka simply couldn't deal with emotions. His empathy forced them upon him much more intensely than others felt them, so he'd always had to fight them off. He'd never learned how to console someone.

Not that there was any sort of consolation now, not for Touda. Tsuzuki had been so much more to him than just a master who controlled him and lent him his strength. He had been his only friend in a hostile world, the one thing he lived for. He'd been the one who'd freed him from his meant to be eternal prison. Because Tsuzuki had chosen him he' been allowed back among the other shiki of GenSouKai. For almost a century he'd given Touda back his home, though he'd only been just barely tolerated by the others.

And now even that was gone. Once again he'd lost everything.

It wasn't a complete surprise. They'd all felt it when Tsuzuki had passed over and their connection to him suddenly disappeared. Even though they'd still had hope that it might be only temporary Touda had been very aware of the possibility that he'd just lost his only purpose and the likely consequences thereof. He'd always known that his freedom was only temporary after all.

When several minutes passed without anyone coming to seize him and return him to his cell Touda wandered away from the group to sit on a roof by himself. Apparently the others were too distraught to think of that right now.

There was no hurry anyway. Why shouldn't they take the time they needed to deal with their loss first.

No, he wasn't running away. What would be the use? Sooner or later they'd find him anyway and life in hiding didn't seem too tempting to Touda. Whatever hideout he chose would soon turn into another prison. Maybe a slightly more entertaining one than being chained to a wall in the dark, but what kind of life was it, if you had to hide from every living thing? He might be a serpent, but even he wasn't that much of a loner.

He sighed and pulled his knees up to his chest. Far beyond the roofs of the city the sun was sinking. It might well be the last sunset he'd ever have a chance to see. Touda stared at it unseeing.

"There you are." SohRyu's dragon head poked up from below. He looked grey in the pitch darkness of night. "What are you doing up there?"

"Thinking," Touda said. "Remembering Tsuzuki. I like thinking on roofs."

SohRyu shook his head at that last comment, but ignored it otherwise. "He had no time for a good bye visit."

Touda tilted his head trying to follow the direction of the dragon's thoughts. Sometimes he found them rather erratic.

"It would have been nice to have the chance to say good bye," he agreed after a moment.

"I'm sure he still remembers us," SohRyu said. "Human lives are temporary, though. It is their nature to pass away soon. We had his friendship for much longer than is normal for them. Even shinigami rarely stay this long."

"Friendship in general is a very temporary thing," Touda returned still confused about where SohRyo was trying to lead the conversation.

The dragon blinked. Deep philosophical conversations weren't really his thing and he was apparently completely out of his depth with this one.

"You missed lunch," he stated instead.


"And dinner is getting cold."

"Oh?" Neither fact interested Touda in any way.

"Now look, I understand grief, but there's no reason to starve yourself. You need to eat to keep your strength up."

"What for?"

"Well, for ..." SohRyu blinked again. "Whatever it is you do when you aren't thinking of Tsuzuki."

"Running the occasional computer search?" Touda asked.

Ever since the problem with the wormholes had been fixed there'd been very little use for his computer skills.

"Well, what else do you usually do all day?"

"Wait for Tsuzuki to call," Touda said. "But that's not going to happen anymore so scratch that."

"You can always pick up a new master, you know." SohRyu flew up and settled down beside him. "Just jump out at the next shinigami that comes by and challenge them to an eating contest."

Touda shot the dragon a dark look.

"Well, you seem to be particularly bad at eating. What I actually meant was let them win. Then you'll have a new master to care for in no time."

"It wouldn't be the same. Tsuzuki wasn't really a master. He was a friend."

"Yes, that he was." SohRyu sighed.

Touda sighed as well and very, very cautiously leaned his head against the dragon's shoulder. He was nevertheless surprised when he didn't get it bitten off.

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