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Too Late

Title: Too Late
Fandom: Yami No Matsuei
Characters: Touda, Tenkou, Sohryu, Genbu, Rikugou
Prompt: 033. Too Much.
Word Count: 1235.
Rating: PG.
Summary: SohRyu returns to protect the city, but finds that the battle between the demons and Touda is already over.
Author's Notes: And it continues ...

Soh Ryu immediately ordered the group back to GenSouKai when he received Tenku's alarm. Clearly the demon at the border had been merely a distraction. The operation had been a good first battle experience for Kijin, but not worth the attention of nine divine commanders.

The real attack as was only too obvious now was on their capital and the only really high level fighter left there was Touda. Touda who'd been charged with watching Tenkou, not protecting the city.

Knowing the serpent he'd taken that as an order to entertain the little girl, rather than just make sure that she didn't harm herself. Most likely he wasn't even keeping an eye on the monitors and was completely unaware of the situation. Communication between Touda and Tenku was ... nonexistent at the best of times.

SohRyu sighed as he imagined a very disgruntled hellfire shiki having a make believe tea party with Tenkou and a couple of dolls while demons tore up the city outside.

As they approached GenSouKai he had to revise that picture however. Black fire was burning just outside Tenku! SohRyu had no way to tell whether they were Touda's flames or those of the demons, but there was no way Touda could have missed an attack on the palace itself.

"To the palace!" he ordered. "Get them away from Tenku."

Not only was the palace the most likely goal of the demons' attack, SohRyu's daughter was in there! The possibility that Touda had evacuated the palace did occur to him, but it was a ridiculous idea. Where else would he take Tenkou and the servants? There was no safer place within easy reach.

The best choice of action was to barricade the doors and either take the demons under fire from the highest windows, or meet them outside. Touda had claws and a strong serpent body that could squeeze smaller demons to death. He'd prefer to fight outside.

A sudden flare of hellfire caused him to speed up his flight. Never before had SohRyu seen such a strong blast of the black fire, not even when Touda had gotten out of control during the last war.

It had to be one of the most powerful demons attacking the palace in order to produce such a flare.

What they found wen they reached the palace however wasn't at all what SohRyu had expected. The hellfire was happily consuming a group of trees, but other than that the battle was over.

Touda and an unfamiliar demon were lying unmoving in a heap on the ground and Tenkou was clinging to the door sobbing. Foolish child! What was she doing outside?

"Get inside!" he snapped at her. Simple gestures were enough to assign his commanders to their tasks.

"But Touda!" Tenkou sobbed. "The demon! It ... it almost had me!"

She wasn't looking at the bloody serpent and demon, though. She was staring at the burned ground beneath the burning trees.

"Get inside," SohRyu repeated a little less gruffly. "So I can look after Touda."

This time she obeyed.

"He'll be alright," reported Genbu when SohRyu joined the shiki who had gathered around the fallen serpent. "He's suffered some deep gashes, but most of the blood is from the demon. Touda clawed open his throat."

SohRyu almost smiled. Touda had always been a ferocious fighter. He'd been correct to assume that the serpent would want to bring his claws to bear.

"Nothing else?" Tenkou would be relieved to hear that her protector was alive and not seriously hurt. "Why is he unconscious? Blood loss?"

"We think the control device knocked him out," Rikugou reported. "It is possible that its reaction to a sudden strong flare of power is a bit too intense for his brain and he would need a lot of power to impress a demon like this. They're used to hellfire."

It was only after the battle when there was time to sort everything out and a healer had seen to Touda's injuries that SohRyu learned the whole truth of the matter.

"Apparently there were two demons attacking them," Kijin reported after a long talk with his sister. "We found the one Touda killed with his claws, the other was burned to ashes."

"That's not possible," Rikugou insisted. "Even if the control device didn't limit his power output it would take more power than Touda has to completely disintegrate a demon."

"The control device short-circuited," SohRyu interrupted him. "Touda seems to have somehow overridden it in his attempt to gather enough power for the battle."

"Demons have a partial immunity to hellfire," Genbu threw in. "The control device should not have allowed him enough to hurt a high level demon."

"So he was forced to break it or make due without any distance weapon." SohRyu nodded. It made sense, though it worried him that Touda had been powerful enough to break the device. If it weren't for the further news he'd gotten off the healer he'd have a problem.

"It wasn't the control device that knocked him out, by the way," he informed the others. "He suffered some strain damage from it, but would have managed. It was the amount of power he threw at the demon. It was too much, more than he could control. Touda burned out his power."

There was complete silence after that revelation. Most shiki who burned out their power died in the process or remained powerless afterwards. They'd all heard tales of shiki who'd regained an amount of magical ability, but far below their original level. Only Genbu was likely to know any actual facts, though.

"The healer said she has no idea what the likeliness of recovery for Touda would be. Apparently it depends on the shiki's race as well as type and she couldn't find any data on sky serpents."

"Race and level, more than type," Genbu amended. "The higher the original level of the shiki, the better their chances to regain a worthwhile amount of power. Bird shiki rarely regain any power at all, while a dragon's ability is usually halved. Cats rarely lose more than two levels, most of the time only one."

"What of serpents, though?" SohRyu pushed slightly nervously. He didn't want the medical theory, he wanted to know what would happen to Touda.

"Unknown," Genbu sighed. "There aren't many serpents in GenSouKai and hellfire shiki are extremely rare as well. I'll try to get information through the sky serpent ambassador, but it's quite possible they don't know either. It would take several such cases to gather the necessary empirical data and power burnout isn't that frequent an occurrence either. It's quite possible no cases of it in hellfire serpents are known in the first place. The best we can do is work on it and see how the situation develops."

"Well, at least that gives us time to replace the control device." Suzaku smirked.

SohRyu shot her an angry look. "Don't you dare touch him now."

He wouldn't let anyone harm the serpent while he was hurt, even if he might be crippled for life. Touda had sacrificed his powers for Tenkou.

"We don't really have a use for him, if he's powerless," Rikugou pointed out. "Maybe we should ..."

"Touda stays," SohRyu decided. "If noting else he can continue to work on the computer and watch Tenkou. He has proven that he is an excellent baby-sitter after all."

to be continued in 71 Broken

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