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A Desperate Situation

Title: A Desperate Situation
Fandom: Yami No Matsuei
Characters: Touda, Tenkou
Prompt: 034. Not Enough.
Word Count: 922.
Rating: PG.
Summary: A nice day outside leads to unexpected trouble.
Author's Notes: Old plot hedgehog dragged out to play and suddenly I have several new ficlets lining up to be written.

In hindsight it had been a mistake to take Tenkou outside to play, but it was such a beautiful day and she'd kept begging Touda to play ball with her. SohRyu didn't allow ball games inside where there were precious vases to break and even in the dragon's absence Touda didn't think it was worth the risk. After all there was a wonderful park just outside Tenku.

It wasn't as safe as the palace itself, but who'd hide inside all the time, just because a demon had been sighted at the borders? All the other commanders were out there looking for the intruder. In Touda's opinion it as overkill, but then SohRyu had taken Kijin along. It was probably supposed to be a lesson in teamwork.

With all of them out there fighting the demon, what could possibly happen to them here in the well protected capital?

Well, obviously this was what could happen. Said demon apparently hadn't been alone and quite possibly a distraction. One second Touda had been indulging Tenkou by throwing a ball around for her, the next he was the only thing standing between her and two large demons. They were powerful ones, but Tenku could have held them off at least until SohRyu returned to help. In fact, if it weren't for the damn control device in his visor, Touda could have handled them himself.

Hellfire might not work as well on demons as it did on other creatures, but a full on blast of Touda's powers was still enough to seriously burn even a powerful demon like these. Unfortunately the control device didn't allow him full use of his powers unless it was under Tsuzuki's direct orders.

'Tsuzuki assigned SohRyu to protect and lead his shiki in his absence,' Touda thought hard at the control device. 'And SohRyu assigned me to protect Tenkou in his absence. Therefore this is Tsuzuki's order by proxy.'

In fact Tsuzuki had done no such thing. The Golden Emperor had put SohRyu in charge of GenSouKai and all its inhabitants. There had never been a reason for Tsuzuki to meddle with these orders, but Touda hoped that could be interpreted as confirmation.

The control device remained unimpressed, but did allow him to draw on some of his power at least. His blast was just enough to singe the first demon's nose. The demon stopped in surprise, flapped his huge leathery wings, then laughed.

The other demon's answering shot slid harmlessly over Touda's scales. He was immune to his own fire which could burn much hotter than this.

The second demon hesitated slightly confused. Hellfire shiki were rare and not having felt Touda's first blast himself he'd probably mistaken it for ordinary fire.

"Hell-serpent," the first demon explained. "Use your fangs and claws."

He struck out in demonstration opening a long, but not too deep gash in Touda's side. It hurt, but the serpent could take a lot more than this. What he couldn't shrug off as easily was Tenkou's terrified scream at the sight of his blood. Once the demons were through with him they'd go for the girl and Tenkou was much too young to focus her power into a decent weapon.

"Run back inside!" he yelled at her. "You'll be safe in the dungeons."

He doubted that two demons no matter how powerful were even enough to force entry into Tenku, but just in case they did get through the doors it would still take them hours to breach Touda's old cell deep in the heart of the dungeons. It had been built to be inescapable, but that also made it extremely hard to break into.

"But Touda!" There were tears in her voice.

"Go!" Touda yelled as yet another set of claws struck through his defence and sank deep into his side.

He wouldn't be able to take much more of this, but he had to hold the demons back at least until Tenkou was through the palace gates.

Touda ducked out under the next punch and slashed at the first demon's face with his own claws. Out of the corner of his eye he saw Tenkou turn and run for the gates, but the demons noticed as well.

They turned to go after her.

Touda jumped at the closer one blindly, desperately trying to hold him back. His claws met something softer than the demon's armour by sheer blind luck and Touda pushed them through causing a stream of blood to gush out over them both. He had no time to consider or check the extent of the damage he'd done to the attacker, though. The second demon was still closing in on Tenkou and he had no way to reach him in time.

All he could throw after him was his much too weak fire.

He pulled together all the power he could reach, desperately pushing, pleading, tearing at the control device with his mind. It stood like a wall between him and the rest of his power and what he had was so little, so pathetic. It just wasn't enough to save Tenkou, could never be enough.

The control device fought back, hurting, crushing his brain. He could feel blood dripping from his nose, but he couldn't give in, Any little bit more he could rip from that damn wall ...

And then he felt something give and the power flooding in. Still he drew more, drew on everything he could reach and threw it all at the demon. He never saw the blast hit.

to be continued in 33 Too Much

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