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Title: Wrong
Fandom: Yami No Matsuei
Characters: Touda, SohRyu, Rikugou, Tenkou, Kijin
Prompt: 035. Sixth Sense.
Word Count: 838.
Rating: G.
Summary: Touda knows something's wrong, but SohRyu has no time for such things.
Author's Notes: I don't really see Touda as having that kind of sixth sense, but it was the best I could come up with for the prompt. Please consider this story AU from all others.

"We should head back," Touda said after about two hours of flight.

SohRyu shot him an annoyed look. "We haven't even reached the border, yet."

"Still, we should go back. Something's wrong."

"What is wrong and how do you know?" the dragon demanded.

"I ... I don't know," Touda had to admit. "I just have a feeling that something's wrong."

SohRyu snorted. "If there is indeed something wrong we need to get to the border to defend it."

"No," said Touda. "It isn't at the border. We have to go back home."

"Nonsense," snapped SohRyu and flew faster.

"What's the matter, serpent?" Rikugou asked. "Are you missing an appointment with your girlfriend?"

Touda didn't have a girlfriend and he suspected Rikugou knew that. He just wanted to hear him admit it.

"I'm telling you," he said putting as much urgency into his voice as he could. "I have a feeling that something's wrong and we need to get back."

"If you're worried about Tsuzuki," Rikugou said a bit more kindly. "There's nothing we can do unless he summons us and he can summon us from wherever we are."

"What's that?" SohRyu glared at the Earth shiki.

"It's not completely unheard of for a shiki to feel when their master is in danger," Rikugou explained. "It's the bond that ties us to our masters, I suppose. Some shiki have been known to get nervous whenever their master did."

"Then tell me why I'm not feeling anything? We're all tied to the same master."

"Well, I know it sounds unlikely," Rikugou admitted. "But it could be that Touda is more sensitive to the bond."

Touda hissed. He was not sensitive, damn it!

"Fire shiki are more moody than the rest of us," Rikugou added hastily. "Maybe they just react more strongly to changes in their master's mood as well."

Suzaku, Tsuzuki's other Fire shiki wasn't with them and they didn't have a way to contact her now, but Touda was quite sure that that wasn't it. He'd always been very calm for a Fire shiki.

"Alright," SohRyu agreed. "Try to ignore it, Touda. Most likely Tsuzuki's just in trouble with his boss again."

"Or he might be nervous about a date," Rikugou threw in. "If there's any actual danger he'll summon us."

But what if it wasn't Tsuzuki? They'd been bonded for decades and Touda had never felt like this.

"I have to go back," he told SohRyu several hours of uneventful border patrol later. "I can't stand this any longer."

"We'll be finished in half an hour," SohRyu countered. "Then we're all going back. You can wait that long."

"We should have left you at home to baby-sit like we usually do," Rikugou teased. "You're impossible to work with."

The feeling did not go away when they turned back. If anything, it got stronger the closer they got to the palace.

"Alright, Touda," SohRyu sneered at him as they landed and walked to the door. "We're home. And where is your grand emergency?"

Touda still felt like something was wrong. "Maybe ..."

And then they were inside and Kijin threw himself into his father's arms. "I'm so sorry, Father! I only turned my back on her for a second!" he cried.

"What?" SohRyu asked confused. "What happened?"

"Tenkou's ball got caught in a tree," a very pale servant explained. "She climbed up to get it and took a bad fall. She'll be alright, though. Just a few broken bones. The doctor's with her right now."

"She was in such pain!" Kijin sobbed. "I'd have gotten the ball for her, if only she'd waited a moment. I was just ... just ..."

"It's alright," SohRyu mumbled trying to calm one child while he really wanted to be with the other. "It's not your fault. Tenkou should have known better, but she'll be fine and will know to be more cautious from now on. Pain is an excellent teacher."

"She was hysterical," the servant continued sounding somehow displeased. "She cried for you for hours."

"I'd best go and talk to her then," SohRyu agreed gently extricating himself from Kijin's grip.

"You can see her," said the doctor who'd just come out in time to hear those last words. "But talking will have to wait until tomorrow. She wouldn't calm down, so I gave her a tranquilliser. She's asleep now."

SohRyu nodded and walked into Tenkou's room very quietly. The little girl looked very small and pale all packed up in bandages. Against Touda's black clothing the paleness stood out even more.

"Get out," SohRyu hissed at the serpent, too afraid to raise his voice.

"Can't," said Touda nodding towards his hand which Tenkou was clutching with both of hers. "It'd probably wake her, if I tried to pull away."

Just how had the serpent managed to get in here while Tenkou was still awake?

"Maybe we really should have left you to baby-sit." Kijin just wasn't old enough to be trusted with his sister's care, yet, and somehow Touda had known.

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