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While these visions did appear.
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No more yielding but a dream,
Gentles, do not reprehend.
If you pardon, we will mend.

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Title: Accident
Fandom: Yami No Matsuei
Characters: Touda, Byakko
Prompt: 038. Touch.
Word Count: 385.
Rating: G
Summary: Just a casual touch. Touda however is so insecure around the others that he expects Byakko to mind.
Author's Notes: Inspired by an odd memory from primary school. Having spent 5 years in day care before, I doubt it really was the first time another child touched me, but I remember it as such. I don't remember what we were looking at or who that child was, just that they leant over my shoulder and I thought how odd it was they didn't mind touching me.

It was just a faint, soft whisper against his scales, barely more than a breath of air, but Touda still froze at the touch. A nervous glance to the side confirmed that it was Byakko whose fur had accidentally brushed Touda's skin.

Should he apologise? Or would it be better not to draw attention to the accident? It wasn't like it was really Touda's fault. He'd just been lying there. It was Byakko who'd leaned over him and caused the contact and the tiger didn't even seem to have noticed. He continued to examine the strange footprint Touda had found as if nothing had happened at all.

Touda flattened himself as tightly to the ground as he could to give Byakko as much space as possible without withdrawing from the group and the footprint entirely. He still wanted to know what it was that he'd found.

They were still too close together, though and Touda wondered briefly whether he might be going claustrophobic.

Just then Byakko glanced down and their eyes met. The tiger took in Touda's awkward position and tilted his head quizzically. "Am I too close?"

Byakko himself was boxed in between the huge body of SohRyu and Rikugou, Touda noticed. There were too many of them staring at the same small footprint he realised and Byakko had probably been aware of the touch after all, but accepted it in order to satisfy his curiosity. It was better to be flattened under Byakko than squished up against SohRyu or Rikugou. At least the tiger was a generally forgiving and friendly person.

"Just mind those claws," Touda returned hoping it sounded casual. He was in a rather vulnerable position with Byakko's paws right next to his neck.

"Sure," Byakko bent down and nuzzled his head reassuringly. "I wouldn't want to hurt you."

He felt fluffy and soft, almost as if he had no substance at all. So very different from Touda's own rough scales. One could almost believe that Byakko was a light and vulnerable creature, but Touda wasn't fooled. He'd seen Byakko in battle. Like every cat the tiger was equipped with five deadly weapons, his mouth and paws, and knew exactly how to use them. Nevertheless for now the claws remained sheathed and the muzzle closed leaving only soft and gentle fur.

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