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Tutoring Session

Title: Tutoring Session
Fandom: Yami No Matsuei
Characters: Touda, Byakko, Tsuzuki (SohRyu mentioned)
Prompt: 041. Shapes.
Word Count: 839.
Rating: G
Summary: Byakko is failing Math unless he can pass a last chance exam and he doesn’t want the others to find out.
Author's Notes: This one was a pure joy to write. A carefree and happy Touda fic for once. Just how did that happen?

"Okay, so if it has three corners, it's a triangle," Byakko said. "That much is pretty easy to remember. Four angles, a square."

"Not necessarily." Touda leaned back on Byakko's bed. Nice. The kitty sure knew how to make a standard human bed comfortable. He should have expected that, of course. Cat's loved it soft and warm. "A square has four corners, but also sides of identical length and all at 90° angles. Change the angles and you get a rhombus, shorten one side and it's a trapeze and ..."

"A trapeze belongs in the circus, not Math."

"Different sort of trapeze." Touda rolled his eyes even though it wasn't visible under his visor. "If height and length are different, but you still have all 90° angles, that's a rectangle, but there are also irregular shapes with four corners. Then it's simply a tetragon. You can always call a shape with four corners tetragon."

"Okay, then there's the hexagon, which has nothing to do with hexing."

"Stop! First comes the quintagon, then the hexagon," Touda interrupted once again. "And so on."

"How come everybody but me can count in Greek anyway?" Byakko complained.

"I can't count in Greek either. I just know it goes tetra-, quinta-, hexa- whatever, so if multicornered shapes are called polygons, a four cornered one has to be tetra-gon and a six cornered one hexa-gon."

"Oh well, at least that's all the gons."

"It isn't. It's just all the ones we learned this year. It goes on with heptagon and octogon and ..."

"Stop!" Byakko shouted covering his ears with his hands. "I don't want to hear it. I won't need that for the exam."

"Okay, what about other two dimensional shapes, then?" Touda quizzed.

"Two-diagonal? You mean the ones that have two middles you can fold them in?"

"No, not diagonal, di-men-sion-al. That means I'm talking about flat shapes," Touda snapped. "And diagonal means a line between two opposite corners. You know, what you get when you cross out a tetragon. The ones you're thinking of are mirror axes. In a square the diagonals are mirror axes, but not in a rhombus for example."

Byakko frowned. "But I already told you all the gons. A shape has to have at least three corners."

"No it doesn't." Touda insisted. "Think no corners at all. That's not a 'gon' then."

"Oh that. When it has no corners it's a circle."

"Not necessarily. A circle is perfectly round. What do you call it, if it's slightly longer? Like this." Touda drew a shape in the air with his fire.


"Actually it's an ellipse, but calling it an oblong will do."

"Ob ... Hey, isn't obelisk an egg shaped stone in Europe?"

"Oblong, not obelisk. And not Obelix either."

"What's an obelix then?"

"Some maga-character-type thing from Europe," Touda explained. "Sort of egg-shaped with arms, legs and a tiny dog. Shouldn't come up in your Math exam, though. At least we never had him in class."

"Oh, have a rectangle." Byakko threw Kijin's pillow at Touda. "Where'd you learn about European manga anyway?"

"Shingo lent me one." Touda caught the pillow that would have sailed over him otherwise and lobbed it back at Byakko. "For comparison."

"Oh yeah." Byakko fended off the pillow with both hands pushing it back at Touda. "Since when are you so tight with Shingo?"

"Jealous?" This time the pillow hit him right in the face and Touda sat up secretly grabbing Byakko's pillow behind his back. "What of three dimensional shapes? Know any of those?"

"Er .. what's three ..." Byakko was cut off by two pillows flying at him in rapid succession. "Hey! ... Ah, but you are unarmed now!"

"Wrong answer!" Touda crowed and jumped off the bed to escape the next barrage. "How about ball, cylinder, cube, parallelepiped, pyramid? Know any of those?"

"No, but I've got you now!"

But Touda had managed to gain another pillow in time which he hit Byakko over the head with as the cat jumped him. Whether what followed was more pillow fight or wrestling match neither of them could have said, but it was accompanied by much squealing and laughter until a shower of feathers brought Touda back to himself.

"Damn it Byakko, that was SohRyu's," he realised.

Byakko froze, then spit out a few feathers.

"Just what are you two doing in here?" Tsuzuki stood in the door looking incredulously at the devastation.

"Homework." claimed Byakko.

"Studying." admitted Touda.

"Studying how to ruin pillows?" Tsuzuki glared at Touda.

"Actually, I'm the one who tore SohRyu's pillow," Byakko confessed hastily. "It was an accident."

"Studying Math," Touda explained. "For a test."

"This close to the end of term?"

Two small boy shaped shikigami nodded with complete conviction. The lie was probably obvious, but they'd stick to that story no matter what.

"Right," Tsuzuki sighed. "Well, you two are the ones who're going to have to explain it to SohRyu."

Okay, so where could one get a new pillow in under an hour?

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