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Gentles, do not reprehend.
If you pardon, we will mend.

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Title: Rivalry
Fandom: Yami No Matsuei
Characters: Touda, Hisoka, Tsuzuki (Tenkou and Tsuzuki mentioned)
Prompt: 042. Triangle.
Word Count: 592.
Rating: G
Summary: Touda just can’t stand Hisoka. Not that Hisoka is fond of Touda either.
Author's Notes: These characters are both too afraid of rejection to form relationships with others easily, but both cling to Tsuzuki as their only friend. It makes them quite jealous of his attention.

"Are you still here?" Touda hissed at the young Shinigami.

Green eyes narrowed and glared at him.

"Odd, I got the feeling that you were the one who wasn't welcome here."

"But you're the one who doesn't belong," Touda snapped back. "Your place is in Meifu and I for one think it's time you returned there."

"As soon as I find the right shiki for myself." Hisoka sneered back at him. "I don't like this stupid place anyway."

"You've got a shiki," Touda pointed out.

"Yeah, but Riko's sort of useless." Hisoka frowned more to himself now. "I need a powerful shiki, so I can be a worthy partner for Tsuzuki. All Riko does is squirt water at people."

"Is it my problem that he's all you can handle?" Touda didn't particularly like Riko either. Too wet.

"Hisoka, Touda, what's going on? You weren't arguing, were you?" Tsuzuki looked at them with big innocent puppy eyes.

Touda wondered whether anyone actually believed that act.

"Not really," Hisoka answered. "We just ... I suppose that's what the computer meant when it said I was highly incompatible with aggressive fire type shiki. We just don't react well to each other."

Tsuzuki stepped between them, slung an arm around each and pulled them close to his sides. Both stiffened and glared at each other.

"Byakko is going through the list of shiki again." Tsuzuki said pretending not to notice. "Maybe you should join him, Hisoka. You know best what kind of shiki you're looking for. And you, Touda, why don't you head back to the computer room and double check for wormholes? There seem to be more of them every day. ... Or else we could just head down to the kitchens for some rice cakes and ..."

They both snorted at him at the same time and stalked out in opposite directions. Tsuzuki almost laughed at how alike their reactions were. It was hard to believe that two people who had so much in common found it so hard to get along.

Then again, Touda and Hisoka were also so very different in so many ways.

What made them seem so alike at first glance was the fact that both of them had been deeply hurt in the past. They both cut themselves off from the people around them in a futile attempt to hide their emotional pain, but those wounds wouldn't heal, if they kept licking at them alone.

It wasn't easy to get through to either of them, Tsuzuki mused, but he had still managed somehow. Now they both needed him, depended on him to help them heal. Each demanded all his attention at the moment, but if he focused on either one of them, he'd only hurt the other more through lack of attention.

It would have been so much easier, if they just got along. Then he could have spent time with both of them at once and maybe they could even have helped each other ... But Hisoka was incompatible with fire types. It just wasn't meant to be.

Tsuzuki sighed. If he'd known this in advance, he'd never have brought Hisoka to GenSouKai. Those two had been a lot better in different worlds.

Maybe once Hisoka returned to Meifu he'd get his chance to work with each of them separately. His shiki didn't normally visit there. Their presence put too much strain on the barriers of that world and therefore required special permissions that were quite hard to get. For the first time he felt glad for that.

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