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She's A Diamond

Title: She's A Diamond
Fandom: Yami No Matsuei
Characters: Touda, Kijin's fiancée
Prompt: 048. Diamond.
Word Count: 704.
Rating: PG
Summary: Touda first meets the mother of Kijin's child.
Author's Notes: "She's a diamond. And that's the hardest kind of stone. It usually survives." I don't guarantee the completeness or correctness of the quote, but it's from the musical Evita and I couldn't get it out of my mind once I'd written Touda's first thoughts about the girl. Originally I meant this to be about a diamond Kijin had given his future wife as a token of love, but at that point I realised she was the diamond. (I don't know anything about Chinese wedding traditions, but I doubt it includes exchanging rings at least in the original version that I'd suspect would be more likely to be found in GenSouKai. That one is of European origin, if I remember correctly.)

For a moment she just stood in the door reminding Touda of a little rabbit, stiff with fear, ready to be eaten. Kijin had forgotten to save her a chair, he realised, and now the only free seat was between him and Rikugou, because Rikugou always kept his distance from Touda.

The moment passed however, her nose twitched, her whiskers quivered and then she walked in and took the only available chair as if she had never expected any better. The rabbit impression must be wrong, though. After all this fangless wisp of a girl had withstood not only Kijin's, but also SohRyu's pressure to abort the child she was expecting and managed to force Kijin into an unwanted marriage. She must have a dragon's courage underneath the scared surface. Touda no longer doubted that she would make a good partner for Kijin.

Hare shiki did not belong on the battlefield of course, but as a guardian's wife she didn't have to command armies. Genbu and Rikugou would teach her diplomacy and politics. She'd be a force to be reckoned with in meetings and ballrooms.

Wide frightened eyes met his, whiskers and ears shivered in recognition, but she didn't freeze again. She had to realise that she'd have to deal with him on a regular basis, though she might not yet have found out that he lived with her new family.

"Commander Touda," she greeted with too much respect considering her position.

Touda well remembered the confusion of suddenly rising in status and finding that you'd never learned the manners that applied to the new situation.

"You must be Kijin's new fiancée," he said eyes resting pointedly on her swelling belly. Just because he felt a touch of sympathy for her didn't mean he had to be nice. It'd only confuse people.

She placed a paw over her belly protectively.

"Daiya," she said with a nod of confirmation.

"Diamond?" He felt the corners of his mouth twitch against his will. "How fitting." Let her interpret that however she wanted to.

"You are too kind," she answered with an honest smile this time that showed her rodent teeth. "I'm well aware that hares are hardly beautiful to your kind. You need not pretend."

"A diamond has more important characteristics than beauty," Touda returned. "Beauty doesn't save the roses from the frost."

She blinked, aware enough of her shortcomings, but not of her strength it seemed.

"I think Kijin will find you a more suitable partner than he realises now," he offered by way of explanation.

"He didn't tell you my name?" It was more observation than question.

"He didn't tell me much about you at all. Kijin isn't very talkative."

"He doesn't love me anymore," she concluded. "I feared as much."

"He isn't talkative," Touda repeated. "That he doesn't sing your praises to any random acquaintance is hardly surprising." Of course there was also the matter of not saving her a seat which she hadn't even mentioned, but couldn't have missed.

She shook her head. "You are hardly a random acquaintance. Don't deny it, I know him well enough to tell."

"I live here," he allowed. "So he sees more of me than others and might talk of me more often."

"He speaks of you like an older brother ... or a close cousin perhaps, someone he goes to for advice."

"Sometimes," Touda amended.

"I think that you should know that I didn't mean to force his hand," she continued, both paws resting on her belly now. "I do love him, you see and I would let him have his freedom, if I could, but I also love my child and they gave me the choice to either marry him or kill the baby. Had it been up to me, I could have raised my child alone and he could have had his freedom, but alas, they were too worried about propriety and a life is more precious than freedom."

He had to revise his first impression. She had the determination of a commander even if she lacked the fangs of a common soldier. Perhaps she would command her own army someday, though she'd have to do it from a safe position in the back.

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