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Club Meeting

Title: Club Meeting
Fandom: Yami No Matsuei
Characters: Touda, Kijin, Tenkou
Prompt: 049. Club.
Word Count: 523.
Rating: G
Summary: The adults are ... doing something together ... and Touda and the kids are left wondering what.
Author's Notes: I almost had the kids invite Touda into a tree house for this, or the club wielding ghost of a barbarian rage through Meifu. In the end I neither felt right and I can't quite see the shiki go to a night club either.

They met every week in SohRyu's small sitting room (for about ten to twenty people), which usually was the favourite place of Kijin and Tenkou for indoor activities like card or board games.

When SohRyu had his unofficial meetings with the other divine commanders, though, the children were chased out and so was Touda. Most of the time Tenkou and Kijin took it well. They were used to being excluded by the adults. Touda didn't find it as easy to accept, but did his best not to show it.

"What do you think they're doing in there?" Kijin asked one day when he and Tenkou were once again trying to set a game back up after being chased off.

"Adult things, of course," Tenkou replied without looking up from the coloured stones she was sorting. "We'll have to start over again. I don't remember exactly where all my pawns were."

Kijin shrugged and started shuffling the cards. "Doesn't matter. The cards got mixed up anyway. I meant what sort of adult things."

"Well, politics things and diplomacy and war and such," Tenkou said. "As they always do."

She accepted her glass of fruit juice back from Touda who'd decided long ago that it was best if he carried the beverages, especially ones in fragile glasses and ones likely to leave stains if spilled. In return Tenkou pushed a handful of blue stones at him.

Touda didn't know why they always made him play blue, if there weren't any black pawns, but he didn't really care, so he'd never asked her. He was only playing to keep the children entertained after all.

"Can't be," Kijin stated. How he could talk and not loose his count of the cards he'd dealt them was a mystery to Touda. "They need Touda for that."

"I'm not actually a commander," Touda pointed out.

"Of course you are," Tenkou protested. "The servants always call you Commander."

So she'd noticed that they avoided using his name. "It's my official title," he explained slowly while picking up and sorting his cards. "But I'm not actually in charge of anybody so it's just a word without meaning."

"They always involve you in their official meetings," Kijin countered. "They wouldn't hold one without you."

"They usually ask my opinion in matters of strategy," Touda allowed. "But I don't have any say in politics and no talent for diplomacy."

"Still they wouldn't exclude you from any important political discussion," Kijin said sounding very convinced of his facts. "They're probably just playing cards."

"They can't be playing!" Tenkou protested. "Then we could have all played together."

"They're playing adult games," Touda said.

"They don't want us to get in the way," Kijin added. "It'd spoil their fun."

"It's a members only club and we aren't in it," Touda agreed. "They're probably just playing and drinking and discussing the return of the Golden Emperor, though."

"Then," Tenkou declared with a happy smile. "We'll just have our own club and they can't join. We can play and drink as well." She lifted her glass of juice in demonstration. "But we won't discuss the Golden Emperor. That's boring."

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