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Pirate Treasure

Title: Pirate Treasure
Fandom: Yami No Matsuei
Characters: Touda, Kijin, Tenkou, Genbu
Prompt: 050. Spade.
Word Count: 550.
Rating: G
Summary: Just what does Tenkou need to borrow Genbu's spade for?
Author's Notes: I was originally going to use Rikugou instead of Genbu and perhaps the role would have suited him better, but Genbu rarely gets more than a line or two from me, so here's Genbu as POV character for a change.

"Can I borrow your spade?" Tenkou asked Genbu with shining innocent eyes.

The old shiki regarded the little girl thoughtfully. She was covered in mud from head to toe.

"It's a little too big and heavy for you to use, I'm afraid." Besides she wasn't supposed to need one. Children asking for odd objects were usually up to something that didn't meet parental approval.

"Oh, that's okay," Tenkou assured him. "I'm not going to use it. Touda and Kijin are doing all the digging."

Well, Touda could be trusted to know how and where to handle a spade. Kijin on the other hand was still young enough to get strange ideas.

"I think," Genbu decided. "I'd better take it to Touda myself."

"It's not a weapon," Tenkou said with a little pout.

"No, but it's heavy and bigger than you are. I wouldn't want you to fall and hurt yourself."

Granted, he was probably exaggerating the dangers of carrying a spade, but he was curious and just because Tenkou had mentioned Touda's name didn't mean the serpent was indeed aware and in approval of the plan. Just in case it turned out that Touda hadn't been informed yet and was too busy to supervise the children he could provide some adult supervision.

Besides, he wasn't entirely sure Kijin knew how to use a spade. He doubted the kid had ever done any gardening in his life. SohRyu had slaves for that.

Tenkou led him into the gardens of Tenku and to a rather large flowerbed that looked like several tractors had already been through it today. Kijin was still digging around randomly while Touda waited next to the flowerbed muddy and scowling.

Genbu raised an eyebrow at the serpent nodding towards the devastation. He doubted SohRyu would be happy when he saw this and they all knew who'd be held responsible.

"Tenkou buried SohRyu's keys in there," Touda explained. "And lost the place."

"I drew a map," Tenkou defended herself. "And wrote down the exact number of steps, but we kept winding up in different places when we followed it."

"But why did you hide your father's key in a flowerbed in the first place?" Genbu asked. "Wouldn't just pocketing have been fun enough?" Tenkou wasn't known for playing pranks, so he suspected that it would have been quite a while before SohRyu would have thought of asking her to empty her pockets, if he ever would have.

"It's not a prank. We were just playing pirates and needed a treasure to bury," Tenkou explained.

"And you allowed that?" Genbu asked Touda. He'd thought the serpent was smarter than that, a lot smarter in fact.

"I didn't even know," Touda hissed. Ignorance wouldn't save him from SohRyu's wrath. "They only asked me for help when they realised how furious their father will be when he finds out."

Genbu sighed and folded back his sleeves.

"Stand aside, Kijin," he ordered. "And see how a proper Earth shiki does it."

It might not be right to save the children from the consequences of their stupidity, but Touda was clearly innocent and he'd most likely end up receiving the worst punishment. It would be better, if at least the keys were there when the serpent had to explain the condition of the garden.

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