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No more yielding but a dream,
Gentles, do not reprehend.
If you pardon, we will mend.

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Title: Chemistry
Fandom: Yami No Matsuei
Characters: Touda (Suzaku, SohRyu, Genbu, Rikugou and Byakko mentioned)
Prompt: 052. Fire.
Word Count: 489.
Rating: G
Summary: The interaction of various elements.
Author's Notes: I don't know how this one happened, or what it's really about. I set out to write about Touda and Suzaku, but ended up with Byakko somehow. (Well, he is one pretty kitty. *cuddle*)

He was a fire shiki, so one should assume that he liked fire and he did. He loved his black flames no matter how deadly hot and dangerous they were.

There was no danger in them for him anyway. He had complete control over his powers, on a level most other shiki could only dream of. Only once in his life had that control actually slipped, though the results had been devastating.

Still, even despite that he loved the black flames, liked to play with them, watch them ...

He also loved the cooler orange flames of a fireplace. They too danced quite nicely and it was wonderful to lie next to the fire on a cold day warming himself and watching the flames. He was fire and even though those weren't his flames they were still part of him in a way all fire was.

With one exception: He did not get along well with other fire shiki. His relationship with Suzaku was the most obvious example, but he didn't do much better with other fire types. They just didn't have enough power to seriously bother him.

It was a well known fact among other shiki that fire and fire weren't a good combination. Most of them were quite puzzled by it, though as the other elements tended to get along best with their own kind. It left the fire shiki rather lonely at times.

To make things worse fire and water didn't mix well either, which explained his problems with SohRyu well enough. The two elements cancelled each other out which was pleasant for neither side.

What he couldn't explain with his fire nature was his problem with earth types like Rikugou and Genbu. Earth shiki were known for their ability to get along just fine with everybody.

Well, everybody but Touda, it seemed.

The one element Touda actually liked besides his own was air. Maybe it was his love of flying, or maybe it was the way a gust of wind could fan a flame, make it rise to even greater power.

Fire and air shiki friendships weren't rare, but not overly popular among the other elements. They were said to encourage each other into mischief and have this overly daring, devil may care attitude. Usually they left the water and earth shiki, and often even other air and fire shiki, quite exasperated.

With an air shiki for your friend you were sure to get into all sorts of trouble and the last thing Touda could afford in his position was more trouble. From that point of view it was probably lucky that he had no friends among his fellow shiki, because if he could have chosen anyone out of the entire population of Gen Sou Kai to be his best friend, he'd have picked Byakko and there was just no telling what calamities an air god and a hellfire shiki would land themselves in together.

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