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Title: T
Fandom: Yami No Matsuei
Characters: Touda, Byakko, various OCs
Prompt: 054. Air.
Word Count: 946.
Rating: G
Summary: There are many ways to relieve boredom in Geography class.
Author's Notes: Yes, it’s another school-shiki scene. If I end up using it in the fic, I’ll have to fix the tense, but I felt like writing present tense at the time.

Nobody in all the school can bore a class of students as well as Kirizuma Sensei the Geography teacher. It is amazing just how boring one can make a foreign country, strange continents, or even the river flowing by just outside the door.

Today she is killing all interest Touda and his classmates ever had in the geology of Japan. In an even drone she recites – no, he should be honest with himself: she reads out chemical formulas for different types of rock from the blue folder she always brings to class with her. He thinks it was Omiko who once theorised that without it Professor Kirizuma wouldn't remember when to say 'Good morning.'.

At the moment Omiko is sitting one row in front of him discussing anime with Tomoe. At least they aren't giggling as much as Himiko and her friends back in the last row. The sound is slightly annoying, not that the teacher seems to notice. At least she doesn't take any measures beyond her usual periodic shushing sounds. Touda is a little surprised that the students in the first row can doze in peace anyway.

Kochiro is drawing funnies again. He occasionally holds them up for Taro to see. That's how Touda knows.

Byakko appears to be meditating. Touda considers congratulating him on his performance after the lesson. His eyes haven't strayed from the teacher's face at all yet. If he couldn't hear his soft purring, even he would think that Byakko's being attentive.

He likes it when Byakko purrs. It is a calming, relaxing sound, similar to his own sleepy hissing, but without the unnerving effect on most humans.

Touda closes his Math book and slips it back into his backpack while Kirizuma turns another page in her folder. He wishes he had some more homework to do. Tomoe passes a note back from Taro. 'Promised to meet my sister after class. See you guys at lunch.'

He slips it under Byakko's nose who nods and crumples it up into a small ball that he snips back at him. Touda doesn't have a cat's compulsion to grab after small moving objects, but it promises a distraction so he pounces and flattens the ball.

Perhaps he hit it a bit too hard as it won't roll well anymore, so he flattens it out and folds it into a little aeroplane that he throws back at Byakko. He has miscalculated his throwing angle, or perhaps the shabby little plane is too unbalanced. It climbs higher then intended, then tumbles off to the side and towards the floor.

Byakko's mouth twitches the way it usually does when he has a sudden amusing thought and an unexpected draft catches the plane carrying it back onto the desk. Touda smiles his thanks and throws it again, his aim better now, but the draft returns throwing the plane back at him in a high loop.

He suppresses a laugh and tries a sideward arch and this time there's an actual gust of wind that carries it high over the class and into Kirizuma's face with a soft "splat". From there it falls right onto the blue folder.

"What? Who was that?" Kirizuma Sensei drones in what passes for her stern tone and makes to pick it up, but another gust of wind blows the little plane off her desk and it glides under Ryo's desk.

Kirizuma gets up and walks after it watched attentively by the entire class for perhaps the first time this year. Byakko waits until she has bent down and crawled halfway under the table before he calls up another gust that sends the plane skidding across the floor until it collides with Tomoe's bookbag.

The teacher hits her head as she jumps up to go after it causing the class to laugh out loud. She glares at them, then glances towards the closed windows.

"Alright!" she demands. "A six-hundred word essay as punishment for the entire class unless this stops right now."

Well, well, who knew Kirizuma had it in her! She goes after the plane again, but it is blown past her and under her own desk this time.

"That's it!" she declares. "Six hundred words on the main geological ..."

"But Kirizuma Sensei!" Touda speaks up all wide eyed innocence. "We aren't even doing anything."

"That's right," confirms Kochiro. "It's the wind blowing the bit of paper about."

"No, it's you doing this." Kirizuma insists. "All the windows are closed and it moves whenever I bend to pick it up."

"But how would we do that?" Byakko asks her. "Are you suggesting there's some bakemono among us who can bend the air to their will?"

They stare at her. Thirty-two cute young faces with wide innocent eyes. Akira slowly extends one leg under the desk and steps on the plane. He pulls it in, picks it up and hands it to the teacher.

Kirizuma unfolds the dirty and crumpled paper.

"Promised to meet my sister after class. See you guys at lunch. T" she reads out.

Her eyes flash from Touda, to Tomoe, to Taro, Tochiko, Timo ... She rarely gives written homework and almost never collects it, so she doesn't know their handwriting well.

"Oh well, it does seem to be just an old piece of paper," she decides and returns to her desk. A glance into her folder. "Back to the vegetation zones of Australia."

As everybody else stares at her in surprise Byakko almost falls off his chair. Touda looks at him quizzically.

"I ..." he giggles. "Blew over a few pages in her folder. I thought she'd notice."

But Kirizuma Sensei drones on about eucalyptus forests.

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