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Looking For Chaos

Title: Looking For Chaos
Fandom: Yami No Matsuei
Characters: Touda, Suzaku, Tsuzuki, SohRyu, Hisoka
Prompt: 055. Spirit.
Word Count: 453.
Rating: G
Summary: Once again a spirit has escaped, but where did it go?
Author's Notes: This proofed to be the hardest prompt of all, not because I didn't have any ideas, but because I'm unsure about the definition of the word spirit. (As in, I thought I knew what it meant, but the way my co-workers use it, I have no idea what they're talking about and it's made me rather insecure about using the word.) So I'm sticking with the relatively safe option that this one is something Tsuzuki has to catch.

"You want us to go spirit-hunting again?" Suzaku frowned at Tsuzuki. "Those are boring."

"I don't like spirits," Touda commented.

SohRyu nodded. "Bad memories."

Suzaku sneered at them both.

"It won't be the same," Tsuzuki promised. "This time it is only one minor chaos spirit. It can't overrun you and isn't immune to any of your powers."

"So why do you need all of us to fight it?" Touda asked. "Sounds like one of us should easily be enough."

Tsuzuki blushed and stared at the floor. "I don't know where it is," he admitted. "I need you to help me look for it before it causes too much damage."

So they split up. Suzaku searched the air above the city, the rooftops and main streets, SohRyu the side streets and larger buildings. Small buildings had to be left to Tsuzuki and Hisoka who were small enough to move in them without having to be afraid of causing serious damage.

Touda reluctantly slithered through underground tunnels and sewers. He didn't see why he should suffer the smell down here. Yes, he was the only one of them who was suitable to crawling through tunnels, but it should not be necessary. Finding a chaos spirit shouldn't be hard. Its location ought to be obvious.

Chaos spirits took their name from their habit of causing chaos wherever they went. There should be lights blinking, people shrieking and objects flying through the air somewhere in this city, if the spirit was really here. The thing didn't have the intelligence to hide quietly.

If it had been up to Touda, they'd have found some place to watch TV and waited for the local news. That should have told them all they needed to know.

Even without the news he suspected that Suzaku must have seen the disturbance from the air by now. He was wasting his time down here.

But when Touda completed his search and returned smelly and miserable to meet up with the others he was surprised to find them just as frustrated as he was. None of them had found anything at all. The city was peaceful and quiet.

"I don't understand this," Tsuzuki said. "It has to be here somewhere. What did we miss?"

The ringing of the phone interrupted him.

"Yes? Hisoka picked it up. "Oh, it's you GouShoShin. ... What? ... What do you mean forgot to inform us? ... Idiots!" He slammed down the receiver, then turned to the others. "They sent us on a wild goose chase. False alarm. The spirit was tearing up Meifu the whole time."

Touda didn't stay around to find out what damages it had done to the shinigami's home world. He desperately needed a shower.

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