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Gentles, do not reprehend.
If you pardon, we will mend.

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Fandom: Yami No Matsuei
Characters: SohRyu, Kichin, Tenkou, Touda
Prompt: 056. Breakfast.
Word Count: 373.
Rating: G.
Summary: SohRyu's thoughts about his family.
Author's Notes: Mostly studying SohRyu's relationship with his children here, but the more I write about him the more Touda intrudes there. Poor dragon.

SohRyu watched his family over breakfast and suppressed a sigh.

Kijin was once again listlessly shoving his food about while staring unseeingly at the wall. He wondered what was wrong with the boy, but Kijin had pretended not to know what he was talking about when he'd asked. He was getting a little too old to run to his father with every little problem, but then they'd never been close. SohRyu simply had too much else pressing on him to devote much time to his children. He worried that Kijin might not have anybody to confide in though. He was so quiet.

Tenkou on the other hand was chattering away happily while building a tower out of her food. She didn't seem to mind whether he was paying her any attention or not. Most likely her tale was mostly addressed to Touda anyway. SoghRyu was almost sure enough to bet that the serpent would have been able to tell him what she was talking about anyway.

Maybe Touda even knew what was bothering Kijin.

Right now was not a good time to ask, though. SohRyu had long ago accepted that Touda considered formal meals a form of torture, but it bothered him that the serpent still couldn't seem to relax during an informal family meal.

The problem with formal occasions SohRyu could understand. Touda's upbringing, though he didn't know many details had been sorely lacking and by the time he'd arrived at court the serpent had been too old to adapt easily. The finer points of meaningless dinner conversation still escaped him and probably always would. Some of Touda's mistakes were legendary and the cause of much teasing from their colleagues with more noble backgrounds. The children however never teased Touda about these things. They were guilty of too many such mishaps themselves, not to mention all the other dirt Touda had on them.

A private meal such as this should be a relaxed, comfortable affair.

SohRyu sighed again. No, it wasn't the children that made Touda so uncomfortable and that left only one other person at the table. He watched the serpent sadly. Both his children trusted and confided in Touda, yet the dragon didn't even know how to talk to him.

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