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Title: Unexpected
Fandom: Yami No Matsuei
Characters: Touda, Tsuzuki and Hisoka
Prompt: 058. Dinner.
Word Count: 549.
Rating: G
Summary: Tsuzuki summons Touda ... to Meifu?
Author's Notes: I originally started this for the ‘snow’ prompt. As you can see no mention of snow was left by the time I finished it.

The summoning came unexpectedly. Of course for Touda they always did. Tsuzuki usually avoided calling on him even in the worst situations. He had other fighters with even more power and less deadly weapons and wouldn't risk using hellfire, if anything else would do.

Hence for Touda to get summoned the situation had to be desperate ... Or was Tsuzuki planning to ask him to kill him again?

If so, what should he do?

The control device was supposed to force him into absolute obedience to his master, though he'd never actually tested that aspect of it.

They'd repeatedly told him that he had been wrong to obey that command the first time. Tsuzuki had acted out of a momentary feeling. He didn't really want to die. Genbu had hinted that it might even be some mental illness that caused his occasional bouts of suicidal behaviour.

Most importantly, though, when it came down to it, Touda didn't want Tsuzuki to die. His master was all he had, his only friend and only reason for living. Without Tsuzuki there'd be nothing left for him. How could he ever kill Tsuzuki?

But how could he disobey Tsuzuki?

He hoped desperately that that wasn't what his master was calling him for now as he changed into his serpent form and followed the pull to ...

What in the world?

He was boxed in so tightly that he couldn't move. His head was stuck in a corner and all he could see were white walls. Whatever had possessed Tsuzuki to summon him inside a building? In an apparently rather small room at that!

"Er ... Tsuzuki?" that was the voice of that annoying partner, Hisoka, if Touda remembered correctly.

"Ups, I didn't think of that." That was Tsuzuki. "Touda?"

"Yessss?" He didn't like being boxed in at all. He couldn't even breathe properly.

"Can you change to human shape in Meifu?"

"Of course I can." What a stupid question. "But I can't fight like that."

Actually he could, but no better than a human would. If he needed another pair of human fists Tsuzuki might just as well ask for backup from another shinigami.

"Then please do."

He did.

It was definitely more comfortable, but what if the enemy attacked him now?

A glance around revealed that he was in a small, but comfortable living room and everything was peaceful. There was no attacker in sight other than Tsuzuki whose 'weapon' was a fierce hug that Touda knew from experience was absolutely inescapable no matter which form he was in.

And hadn't he just said that they were in Meifu? Why would Tsuzuki need him there?

"What's wrong? Why did you summon me?"

"Why did I ... Oh, right. Hisoka refuses to try my rice cake, so you're invited to dinner in his place." Tsuzuki explained.

"Hisoka refuses to try rice cake?" Touda repeated. What kind of emergency was that?

"Only because Tsuzuki made it." Hisoka stated. "His cooking is dangerous and I don't have a shiki to summon, so I suggested he feed it to his most dangerous shiki instead."

"Never mind him. He's just being mean. You'll try my cake, won't you, Touda?"

"Of course, Tsuzuki." And he was going to enjoy it, he knew. No matter what it tasted like.

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