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Party Problems

Title: Party Problems
Fandom: Yami No Matsuei
Characters: Touda, SohRyu, Suzaku, Rikugou, Genbu, Kijin
Prompt: 060. Drink.
Word Count: 633.
Rating: G
Summary: Touda watching his fellow shiki.
Author's Notes: Years ago my mother once mentioned how she understood my dislike of parties better after spending an evening watching the people around her get drunk without drinking herself. I don't think it's just that, but here's Touda suffering through a party.

Touda kept to the sides of the ballroom watching the others interact. Just this morning Rikugou had told him to "Pay a little attention to your fellow shiki, damn it!".

He didn't usually obey Rikugou, nor did he expect to gain any grand insight from this, but people told him such things a lot and he didn't have anything else to pass the time.

Touda didn't like parties much. They were all about socialising and Touda wasn't a social creature, not even when people actually liked him. So he withdrew into the shadows, tried to go unnoticed and studied the actions of the others trying to recognise some patterns and rules.

What he'd found out so far was that all of them were drinking. That seemed to be an important rule of parties. You had to consume as much alcohol as possible.

As usual Touda was the odd one out. He'd picked up a glass a while ago to make it less obvious and nipped on the contents a few times. The taste had not improved over time so he'd switched to just carrying the drink around and occasionally sniffing it. He didn't like the smell either, but it was better than the taste and had fewer unpleasant consequences.

He had the vague suspicion that it would be bad form to leave an almost full glass behind when he left, but really did not want to finish the drink.

The others had all finished off several glasses by now and seemed to be enjoying themselves immensely.

SohRyu passed by Touda's corner with a giggling Suzaku on his arm. Genbu trailed behind them sniggering like a schoolboy and groping Suzaku's behind at every chance he got.

Byakko was telling what he and his audience seemed to consider jokes, though Touda failed to recognise the punch lines. It all seemed more vulgar than funny to him, but everybody else clearly thought it was hilarious.

Rikugou was making a fool of himself on the dance floor and Kijin, for whom it was the first time he'd been officially allowed to join an adult party, had passed out on a table. Touda thought the poor child ought to be in bed. At the very least somebody should have been supervising him and have stopped him from drinking himself under the table. Or onto the table in this case. SohRyu didn't seem to have noticed his son's condition, though.

An hour or so passed. The laughter and giggling seemed to grow louder and louder, the conversation less and less funny, or even coherent. Touda's ears were ringing from all the too loud voices, but nothing they were saying made any sense to him anymore.

He made a decision. Enough was enough and it was time he got out of here. Just leaving might not be polite, but he could make himself useful while he did it and hope it would be forgiven or at best overlooked.

He set his still almost full glass down on the next flat surface he found. It was a stair-rail, but if anybody accidentally pushed it off, that was their problem, not Touda's. Maybe Tenku would enjoy the alcohol seeping into his floor.

The serpent crossed the room with determined strides swerving only slightly whenever somebody stood in his way. Nobody paid him any attention.


The boy didn't react at all, so Touda shook his shoulder a few times. "Kijin?"


"Come on, let's get you to bed."

He had to half carry, half drag Kijin out, but nobody challenged them on their way. Some of them even had the presence of mind to step aside and let them through. He might not have learned anything about people today, but at least the experiment had provided him with a good escape strategy.

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