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Of Snakes And Snow

Title: Of Snakes And Snow
Fandom: Yami No Matsuei
Characters: Touda, Taimo, Suzaku, Tsuzuki, SohRyu, Byakko, Rikugou, Genbu (Tenkou and Tenku mentioned)
Prompt: 061. Winter.
Word Count: 539.
Rating: G
Summary: Snow shovelling just isn’t for serpents.
Author's Notes: Well, what does a cold blooded creature do in winter? Yes, exactly.

He was cold.

Of a fire-shiki that might seem surprising at first glance, but Touda was a serpent, the sun had set half an hour ago and this was the coldest winter GenSouKai had seen in decades.

Coldest and snowiest he could remember, in fact, but then he rarely went outside in winter. Winter was a time to spend dozing by the fireplace, perhaps reading ...

Tsuzuki and SohRyu had ordered them outside this morning to help dig the city out of the snow. Normally they could leave such duties to the common citizens, but half of the population was snowed in with no chance to get out of their homes unless somebody dug out their doors or windows.

"Touda!" That was Taimo again. "Damn you serpent, you're lagging behind again. Are you planning on spending the night here?"

He was cold. And tired. So very, very tired.

He picked up his shovel again without even looking at Taimo. He just didn't have the energy.

"Well, you lazy serpent?"

"Leave him alone, Suzaku." Tsuzuki stepped in. "We don't have time for that."

So now they'd managed to attract everybody's attention. Just great, but he couldn't bring himself to feel angry about it. All he felt was tired.

"Are you okay, Touda?" Tsuzuki appeared at his side.


Tsuzuki blinked, then turned to Byakko for help.

"Ah, leave him. He's just in a grumpy mood today," the tiger suggested.

"I don't know." Tsuzuki shook his head. "Something's not right about this. I've never seen him so sluggish. What if he's got the flu or something and we're dragging him around in the cold."

"Snakes don't get the flu that easily," Byakko returned. "They just don't like cold weather."

SohRyu stopped abruptly almost causing Rikugou to collide with him. "Touda, return to Tenku at once."

"What!" gasped Suzaku. "You can't let that lazy snake get out of working like that!"

"I'm not letting him get out of working." SohRyu shot her a glare. "He can make himself useful inside, check up on Tenkou, mind the computer and keep an eye on the weather report."

"But we need all the help we can get out here," Tsuzuki protested. "Every pair of hands counts."

"Touda will be no help to us at all, if he goes into hibernation," Genbu explained. "Snakes don't like the cold for a good reason. They're cold-blooded. Leave them in the cold too long and they just drop."

"And it takes days until they're fully awake again," SohRyu added with a slight glare at Suzaku. "Touda would be no use at all for at least a week."

Ah, so that's what was going on. He turned around to follow SohRyu's command, but the palace had never seemed so far away and he was so ... so ... tir...

He dropped into the snow. Icy ... cold.

"Touda!" Tsuzuki threw himself down beside him and pulled him into his lap. Warm, but much too small human hands trying to rub some life energy back into him were the last thing Touda saw of that winter.

The next thing he knew he woke up surrounded by thick warm blankets next to a blazing fire.

'Nice.' he thought and went back to sleep.

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