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Team Training

Title: Team Training
Fandom: Yami No Matsuei
Characters: Touda, Byakko, SohRyu
Prompt: 063. Summer.
Word Count: 641.
Rating: G
Summary: It's too hot for tiger tastes.
Author's Notes: This is the result of me trying to write a summer story while avoiding another beach scene. Shiki fooling around.

"It's too hot for training," Byakko complained. He was lying in the shadow of a tree with his fur fluffed up to allow the cooling breeze he'd called up to reach his skin. It made him look like a particularly large and soft plush toy.

Touda's tail tip twitched nervously. He'd soaked up the sunshine until he felt he was about to burst with energy and now he couldn't hold still for a moment.

"SohRyu scheduled a training session anyway," he told the tiger. "We need to improve our teamwork. It's important."

At least it was important to SohRyu. Touda didn't have much hope for results, not where he himself was concerned anyway. The others didn't like him and snakes just weren't team players. He was rather comfortable with placid Byakko as a partner, though and he needed to burn off some of this excess energy before he accidentally burned something he shouldn't.

"Lets team-sleep then," Byakko suggested increasing the breeze. He closed his eyes and began to purr softly.

"I can't sleep," Touda admitted nevertheless relaxing a little at the sound. "It's too sunny. I need to move."

"I thought snakes like to lie in the sun?"

"That's when we're cold and need the energy. Now I'm hot and energetic and SohRyu promised I'd get to practise with you."

Byakko re-opened his eyes to glare at Touda and the serpent remembered too late that he was talking to one far above himself in shiki society. It was easy to forget that Byakko was a guardian. He never threw his weight around and was too lazy to argue with his fellow shiki most of the time. He was even friendly towards such unpleasant people as Touda.

Still, just because their master let Touda push him around, didn't mean the tiger had to tolerate his impertinence. Touda began to look for a retreat strategy.

"If you want exercise, you can carry me to the dojo," Byakko suggested and closed his eyes again.

Touda blinked. Was that a joke? A challenge? Or was he serious?

When nothing more happened he decided on option three and very carefully slithered up close to Byakko and wrapped himself around him. The tiger opened one eye and stopped purring when he felt the touch, but didn't seem to mind, so Touda tightened his curl and took off.

It was a lot harder than flying with somebody on his back. He should have paid more attention to balancing the load, but mostly the problem was caused by the unnatural flight position. Still with a little effort he managed to pull the tiger off the ground.

Byakko yelped as he was suddenly jerked into the air.

"What the hell are you doing?" He sounded more surprised than frightened. Being flight capable himself he wasn't afraid of heights and knew he could save himself should Touda drop him.

"Carrying you to the dojo," Touda replied truthfully. "Or alt least I'm trying to. If you don't stop wriggling, I'm going to lose my grip."

"But I'm upside down!" Byakko protested through a burst of laughter.

Despite lots of squealing, giggling and several almost drops they managed to reach the dojo at an almost controlled tumble and landed in a heap at SohRyu's feet.

The dragon didn't appear to be in a laughing mood, though.

"What in the world are you doing?" he demanded.

"Uh ..." started Touda ducking guiltily.

"Just trying whether Touda could carry an unconscious or injured person in his battle shape," Byakko stated with deep conviction. Touda hadn't realised the tiger could lie so well. "I don't recommend it, though. That wasn't comfortable for either of us and would never have worked, if we'd been under attack."

"Byakko's fur tickles," Touda claimed.

SohRyu stared down at them. "I didn't know you were ticklish."

"Well, I suppose I am."

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