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Title: Fall
Fandom: Yami No Matsuei
Characters: Touda, Tsuzuki, SohRyu (Byakko, Suzaku, Rikugou and Genbu mentioned)
Prompt: 044. Fall.
Word Count: 926.
Rating: PG.
Summary: Even one as powerful as Touda doesn’t always win.
Author's Notes: Touda’s expects little of Tsuzuki’s other shikigami, but do they really hate him as much as he thinks?

Touda dodged under another shot, then once again tried to gain height. Thanks to its incredible heat his hellfire could be used at a much further distance then most other breath weapons, so if he could manage to get out of his opponent's range, he might have a decisive advantage.

So far the strategy wasn't working. The ... whatever it was ... didn't seem very impressed by anything he had done and it was herding him down with its shots. It had actually frozen the only clear shot he'd gotten at it so far! Hellfire shouldn't freeze.

At first he'd thought the creature was a demon. It looked a bit like one and appeared to be able to control hellfire.

But then it had started freezing things. Freezing!

Demons didn't have cold weapons. Low temperatures just didn't agree with them.

Even among shiki ice was a rare weapon, though some water and air shiki specialised in it, but then this creature didn't even vaguely resemble any shiki Touda had ever seen.

The most obvious candidates for such weapons were angels, of course, but why would Tsuzuki call on him to fight an angel? They were supposed to be friendly and mostly harmless.

He wondered whether even Tsuzuki himself knew what exactly they were up against, but there was no time to ask. The shinigami was somewhere down there anyway, throwing ineffective fuda at the enemy. He might as well be throwing confetti.

Touda decided to take a risk. He banked suddenly causing the next shot to just barely miss him, then shot straight up at top speed.

Up. Up. Up up up ... just how far would be far enough? It would be no use, if he overshot his own range and had to double back leaving the opponent precious seconds to deal with Tsuzuki alone.

There was a sudden jolt and his whole body went numb.

What the? He couldn't move! He was falling, falling helplessly.

For one panicky moment he didn't understand the world at all, then it became all too clear. He'd been hit, simply frozen in midair so fast that his nerves hadn't had time to report the cold at all. The only thing still keeping him conscious had to be the adrenaline from the fight.

That and the terrible fear he felt in that single heartbeat when he realised that when he hit the ground he would shatter like an icicle dropped onto solid rock. And there was nothing at all he could do about it.

Somewhere below him, or maybe just in his mind, he could hear Tsuzuki desperately shouting for SohRyu and thought in an oddly detached way that Byakko would have been the better choice.

The water dragon and ice demon thing would be a stand-off. SohRyu could melt the thing's ice and the thing freeze SohRyu's water. Their weapons were so closely related that they were probably both immune to them anyway.

If the thing could freeze hellfire, Suzaku's more common flames stood no chance. Earth powers might have made the most difference, but Touda hadn't seen either Rikugou or Genbu in battle in centuries. Their interests lay elsewhere and they were probably too out of practice.

The white tiger on the other hand got a lot of use from Tsuzuki and was used to all sorts of opponents. He had a high tolerance for cold and his air powers couldn't be countered by it.

Almost to the ground now and his consciousness was beginning to slip. Hopefully it'd give out before he hit the ground. He didn't want to be aware of shattering into a million tiny black snakicles.

All of a sudden he was drenched with water. Pain flashed through him as his body began to thaw. He screamed and then blackness surrounded him.

It was for the best though. His body was still frozen enough for the sudden impact of scales against scales to be painful when SohRyu caught him. The landing was gentle nevertheless.

"Touda?" With Suzaku and Byakko now double teaming the monster Tsuzuki gave up his futile attempts against it and turned to his injured shiki.

"He should be alright in a few days," SohRyu offered. "And he probably never even noticed that he was hit. Snakes draw their energy from outside warmth, so the cold will have put him to sleep."

"Then, if we just warm him up, he'll be fine?" Tsuzuki asked hopefully.

"Well, if I hadn't had to drench him in water in order to unfreeze him he would." SohRyu said slightly sheepishly. "Water doesn't agree with fire shiki. Our powers should normally cancel each other out, but with him unconscious, he'll probably be very weak for the next few days."

"I had no idea." Tsuzuki admitted. "I thought fire would be a good way to fight ice."

"It would have been, if the ice creature weren't that powerful. And you had no way to predict that it was strong enough to freeze a high level fire shiki. I wouldn't have expected it either." SohRyu nozzled the wet serpent lightly. "No permanent damage done. I'll just take him back to GenSouKai and put him next to an out of the way fireplace or something until he's replenished his energy."

Tsuzuki rubbed the rough black scales gently. They felt as cold as the air around them and he had to forcefully remind himself that Touda wasn't dead.

"Yes, take him home." he agreed. "And tell him that I'm sorry and I'll come see him as soon as I can."

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