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Serpent in the Rain

Title: Serpent in the Rain
Fandom: Yami No Matsuei
Characters: Touda, Tenkou (Kijin, SohRyu, Suzaku and Rikugou mentioned)
Prompt: 066. Rain.
Word Count: 995.
Rating: G.
Summary: Tenkouís just too cute. Even Touda canít resist her.
Author's Notes: For some reason the little Tenkou in my head considers Touda her favourite babysitter.

"Come out and play with me Touda?" Tenkou looked at him with big pleading eyes.

"Can't you play with your brother?" It had been a long day.

Well, actually it hadn't. He'd only been working for seven hours, which made it an unusually short workday, but he felt exhausted nevertheless.

Tenkou shook her head sadly "Father called for him. And he doesn't like to play ball with me all that much anyway. Will you play ball with me, please?"

She was too good at those cute little girl looks. Touda cast a look out the window.

"Can't we play inside?" he tried to bargain.

"Not ball games." She shook her head. "Father won't allow it. He says those are outside games."

"It's raining," Touda pointed out.

It wasn't a hard rain, just a slight drizzle really, but it was still water. He'd get wet, if he went outside.

"Yes," Tenkou beamed at him. "It's all nice and fresh and wet outside. Perfect weather to play in."

He tended to forget that she was a water shiki. She was too young to use her powers much, so he didn't get a lot of reminders, though the main reason for his forgetfulness in this case was probably that he didn't want to think about it. Tenkou was the only one of Tsuzuki's other shiki that would call him friend.

For some miraculous reason she actually liked him and he didn't want to lose that, yet water and fire shiki were never a good combination. They were natural enemies and the more Tenkou grew into her powers the more it would become an issue. It was better not to think of it. Right now she was still an innocent little girl that wanted his company. He should enjoy it while it lasted and it wasn't that much of a rain.

"Alright, I'll play," he agreed. "Where's the ball?"

Tenkou blushed. "Up in a tree," she admitted. "Not very high up, though. Just a bit too high for me. Kichin would have reached it, if Father hadn't called for him just then. You probably won't even have to climb."

He definitely wouldn't. Even if it was too high for his human shape, he was a big serpent and no tree could be higher than he could fly.

"Just show me the tree."

Tenkou happily grabbed his hand and pulled him along.

"There!" she pointed. "See?"

He nodded. It was lying on the lowest branch of a cherry tree. Easy enough. He'd probably reach it in a jump, but then he didn't feel like jumping.

Instead he transformed and ducked under the tree. A quick upwards thrust of his head and he nosed the ball off the branch. Tenkou caught it with a happy squeal then hugged him for thanks.

He stayed perfectly still until she drew away with a slight frown.

"Why are you hissing?" she asked.


"I'm not," he said puzzled. Then he remembered. "Oh, you mean that. That's not me, that's the water evaporating when it touches my skin."

"Evaporating?" Tenkou wondered. "But why?"

Touda shrugged. "I'm a fire shiki. Water interferes with my powers, weakens me, so my powers automatically erect a sort of heat shield against it." It wasn't easy to put it into simple words a child could understand. "I can't turn it off."

Tenkou's eyes grew even wider in horror and she tried to shield him with her hands. "Does it hurt?"

"No, never. I don't even feel a slight rain like this," he assured her. "As long as the shield gets all the water it's just fine. It takes a real downpour before any water can get through and even then it doesn't hurt. It's just an uncomfortable cold feeling and I get tired and slow."

"And when you go swimming?"

Touda shuddered. "When I get really wet, I lose power. I've heard other fire shiki tell tales of being completely powerless for days after falling into water, but I don't think it can happen to one of my level. At least I've never lost more than three levels that way."

"Three levels!" Tenkou gasped horrified. "But then any higher level water demon could ..."

"Water demons, like water shiki, can be similarly weakened by fire," Touda explained. "That's why SohRyu and Suzaku never fight. Their powers would cancel each other out and leave them both weakened for the rest of the day."

"Father sometimes attacks you, though," Tenkou pointed out.

He hadn't thought she'd know that. It didn't happen that often and almost never in public. Usually it was over in the blink of an eye as well, just a quick flare of anger, a blast of water and then SohRyu would turn his back on him and walk out.

"Those aren't fights," he tried to explain it away. "That's just ... Well, when he gets very angry I suppose his powers boil up just like any other shiki's and he needs to let them out."

"He doesn't throw them at Suzaku, though," Tenkou said. "Or Rikugou, even though Rikugou makes him angry much more often than you do."

Did he? Touda had never noticed that. He knew that Rikugou liked goading SohRyu of course, but he'd always assumed that it was much more playful than his own relationship with the guardian of the east. Maybe Tenkou was too young to realise the difference between friendly teasing and real hatred.

"Rikugou would fight back and then somebody might get hurt," he told her. "SohRyu wouldn't want that."

"And you don't fight back?" Tenkou frowned. "Why not?"

"The control device won't let me attack another shiki."

"Control device? What control device?"

Touda stared at her. "You don't know?"

Tenkou shook her head. "No. What is it?"

He hesitated.

"I don't like to talk about it." he told her after a moment. "And weren't we going to play ball?"

He did not want to lose his only friend before he had to.

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