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Winter Holiday

Title: Winter Holiday
Fandom: Yami No Matsuei
Characters: Touda, Byakko
Prompt: 067. Snow.
Word Count: 556.
Rating: G
Summary: Byakko has an unexpected suggestion for Touda.
Author's Notes: Winter sports aren't for snakes and I've had Touda collapse in the snow before, so this time it just serves as a convenient excuse.

"It's snowing," Byakko announced happily.

"What?" Touda had been contemplating the problem of predicting the appearance of wormholes which was why he'd come to Byakko's palace in the first place. Well, to be exact SohRyu had sent him here to discuss improving safety measures to prevent unsuspecting shiki from falling into wormholes.

"It is finally snowing," Byakko repeated. "I was almost beginning to fear that we wouldn't get any snow at all this year, but look." He pointed at the window where thick snowflakes were drifting by silently.

Touda sighed. So far the discussion had been going well, but apparently the tiger had reached the end of his notoriously short attention span.

Byakko turned his head at the sound and his face fell. "Oh sorry, I forgot. You don't like snow much, do you?"

"Not particularly." Prolonged exposure to the icy substance could cause him to fall into hibernation.

"You can stay here for the winter," Byakko offered. "I'll have the servants prepare a nice warm room for you."

Touda blinked. "It's not that far back to Tenku," he pointed out. "I can easily manage that much."

"I thought you didn't like it there," Byakko said. "And I bet SohRyu wouldn't dare argue, if we tell him it's because of the snow."

"Why wouldn't I like Tenku?" He didn't. After all the palace shiki had kept him imprisoned for centuries. He'd been trying not to show it, though. His relationships with the other commanders were strained enough from their side. If Byakko had noticed his feelings, though, his attempt to hide them had failed completely. The tiger wasn't the most perceptive shiki around.

"Not because of him," Byakko assured him. "I just always assumed that you didn't like living with SohRyu. He's troublesome enough in meetings. I can't even imagine what it would be like having to deal with him all the time."

"Oh." So the others did have their own problems with SohRyu. Or at least Byakko did. "It's not that bad," he tried to explain, but did sit back down. Maybe a month or two of holiday was just what he needed. Why would Byakko offer to keep him, though? "He isn't around as much as you'd expect. Spends most of his time holed up in his office and I do like the kids a lot. Though they are a handful sometimes."

"It worries Genbu, you know," Byakko confided.

"What? That I get on well with SohRyu's children?" Oh, not that suspicion again. "He'd thought they'd begun to relax a little around him. "I'm not going to eat them."

"He says SohRyu's abusing you as a nanny and the children are starting to catch on and it's estranging them from their father. SohRyu's fault not yours, but Genbu thinks they need more family time together."

"So you want to force them together by keeping me here." Touda stared out at the falling snow. It made sense, but it hurt anyway.

Byakko looked at the floor ears drooping. It was a rare thing to see the cat truly upset.

"I'm offering you a holiday. I'd like to have you here and the kids can visit anyway. I ..."


"Really?" The tiger's hopeful look reminded him of Tsuzuki.

"Really," Touda confirmed and quite automatically smiled at Byakko the way he usually did only for Tsuzuki.

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