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A Guardian's Power

Title: A Guardian's Power
Fandom: Yami No Matsuei
Characters: Touda, Byakko, Suzaku (other shiki appearing as well)
Prompt: 079. Storm.
Word Count: 885.
Rating: G
Summary: Byakko gets angry ...
Author's Notes: In most of my fics Byakko is shown as a sweet fluffy kitty, playful, lazy and forgiving, but at he's not just a divine commander, he's a guardian beast, equal to Suzaku and Genbu and, if he weren't standing in for the Golden Emperor, also the mighty SohRyu. So here's the other side of Byakko. This time he isn't playing and the claws are unsheathed.

"That is in breach of our agreement, Suzaku!" A gust of wind accompanied the exclamation and sheets of paper scattered across the meeting room. "That village is in my sector!"

Touda blinked at Byakko in surprise. He'd chosen to sit next to the tiger, because of the cat's easy going nature. He hadn't expected such an outburst.

"So what are you planning to do about it, kitty?" Suzaku was clearly having one of those days again. Even though she always enjoyed taunting Touda, she was normally reasonable enough towards the rest. Unless she was spoiling for a fight or in a generally bad mood. Touda wasn't quite sure which was the case right now.

"Are you saying I can't protect my people?"

Touda managed to grab hold of his computer printout detailing the locations of recent wormhole incidents just in time. He pinned it down with both hands and watched the others' papers be thrown about in the air and slammed into walls. This time they didn't come to rest again. The wind slowed a little, but didn't stop.

This was going to be the last topic of the meeting, Touda realised. Without their papers the others here hardly prepared to properly present their issues. He'd seen SohRyu and Suzaku bring a sudden end to a meeting before and even Genbu had once declared it would be better to postpone the discussion to another day and walked out, but Touda had never expected it of the fourth guardian. When Byakko had had enough of a meeting he usually just dozed through the rest of it.

"It's not a big issue," Suzaku said. "You wouldn't risk a war over one little village."

"Not a big issue? You're polluting the entire river. My river!" Byakko shouted and the new gust of wind tore Touda's printout despite his desperate grip.

Touda sighed and let the pieces go. They shot off with the other torn and crumpled fragments of paper whirling through the air. Even more solid objects were no longer able to resist the wind. Cups and glasses smashed against the floor. SohRyu's pen broke as it collided with the wall. If this continued everything that wasn't bolted down would soon be hurtling wildly through the room.

"You have no chance against me pathetic kitten!" Suzaku shrilled and sent a wall of fire racing towards Byakko.

Being a fire shiki himself Touda easily recognised it as a pure show-off move, more bark than bite. Byakko did not.

"Cats eat birds," the tiger stated his eyes cold as ice.

For a moment the air stilled and the whirling papers stopped and began to drop. They didn't have time to reach the floor before a single strong gust of wind gripped them and the firewall and threw them back at Suzaku. Furniture was upturned and a chair thrown through the large window behind SohRyu.

Sitting so close to the source of the gust kept Touda mostly out of it's way, but just a few steps away Rikugou was picking himself up from the floor.

"Byakko! Suzaku! Stop that at once!" Nobody was listening to SohRyu. Maybe if the dragon had stepped in sooner, but it was too late and Touda preferred dealing with the here and now.

He ducked out the door while he still could. With the control device preventing him from using his powers there was absolutely nothing he could do to stop an angry guardian, let alone two. Suzaku's anger usually spent itself almost as fast as it arose, though. This ought to be over soon.

Apparently Byakko had a longer attention span than he'd thought however.

After two hours the wind finally died down. There was nothing left of the meeting room. In fact most of that wing of the palace had suffered serious damage.

Touda found Byakko standing quietly in the middle of the debris. He looked exhausted, but as long as he still had the energy to stand, his power wasn't completely spent either.

"Er ..." said Touda glancing around at the broken bits of plaster.

"That may have been a bit of overkill," Byakko admitted. "Do you think an apology will help, or should I just hide until SohRyu calms down?"

Touda shrugged. "You don't want my advice. I was never good at placating SohRyu."

"Yeah, but you also cause some pretty serious damage whenevder you lose control."

Touda raised an eyebrow, even though he knew Byakko wouldn't be able to see it behind the visor and took another pointed look at the debris.

"I didn't kill anybody," Byakko pointed out. "At least I don't think so. My power's not really practical for killing shiki."

Touda winced and decided to change the topic: "Where's Suzaku?"

"Under there," Byakku pointed at a large piece of wood that might once have been part of the conference table. Or maybe it was a battered door.

Touda peered under it cautiously. It was never a good idea for him to get too close to Suzaku. The bird shiki wasn't about to attack him, though. She just lay there and groaned proving that she was still alive.

"You won," Touda realised. Even Suzaku wouldn't be able to claim this had been a draw.

"Yeah, when it comes down to it, Suzaku isn't so hot after all, I guess."

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