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Title: Recovering
Fandom: Yami No Matsuei
Characters: Touda
Prompt: 071. Broken.
Word Count: 617.
Rating: PG.
Summary: Touda is trying to get to terms with his injuries.
Author's Notes: Just exploring his feelings and a few reactions.

Touda stared at the walls of the admittedly surprisingly nice looking bedroom SohRyu had put him in. He wanted him in the family quarters as long as he was sick, the dragon had claimed, so he'd have the servants closer to hand should he need anything.

Touda secretly thought that it was meant as a thank you for protecting Tenkou. His own race killed cripples, especially those who'd lost their magical powers. Kijin had called it cruel when he'd mentioned it earlier, but Touda secretly thought it more merciful. What use was he now that he had no power to fight with anymore? True, he hadn't been any use when he'd been chained up in the dungeons either and this wall was definitely more pleasant to look at than the ones in his cell had been. But what for? He tried to console himself with the fact that he'd still be able to do simple menial tasks, cleaning, computer work and running errands. Well, he would as soon as the healer pronounced him fit enough for them at least. For now they'd told him that he had to stay in bed or he might tear open the wounds in his side again. Touda didn't really care about the wounds, but it wasn't worth fighting over either. Nothing really mattered anymore either way.

Lying in bed alone all day was boring, but he didn't like having visitors either. He didn't like seeing the pity in their eyes. That was probably why he liked Tenkou's visits best. The child felt sorry for him for being in pain, yes, but she'd honestly apologised for it thinking that it was mostly her fault for not obeying right away when he'd told her to run. When he'd accepted her apology and told her the pain wasn't so bad and the wounds would heal soon enough she'd taken that at face value, cheered up and showed him her newest toy, a very fluffy black plush serpent.

"From Daddy," she'd explained. "Because he knows how much I like playing with you and you don't always have time. So he gave me a toy you to keep me company when you can't. Isn't he pretty?"

Touda had dutifully admired the miniature him and secretly wondered about SohRyu's motives. The dragon had never approved of his daughter's admiration for a hellfire serpent. After that one time Tenkou hadn't mentioned his condition again.

Kijin hadn't been that easily fooled. He was almost grown after all. And the adults, well, they did their best not to mention it at all, but the fact that they were even visiting him in the first place spoke volumes. He did not want the pity of people who didn't even like him. Rikugou was the worst. The way he avoided anything that might remotely resemble an insult was so obviously out of character. Genbu was much better at it. He seemed almost natural. Byakko actually was his usual self, chatty and spontaneous and sometimes suddenly lapsing into complete unhappy silence. Touda had almost tried to console him a few times.

And then there was SohRyu who didn't quite count as a visitor. Touda had had no idea that the cold and distant dragon could turn into such a mother hen. He'd never seemed to pay that much attention even to his children. Why Touda all of a sudden? He understood that the dragon was grateful for saving his daughter, but his taking a personal interest in his recovery was unexpected and unwelcome. He didn't want to see anybody, he only wanted to die. If it weren't for Tenkou who'd most likely blame herself, he'd just kill himself and be done wit it.

to be continued in 009 Months

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