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Summon Me A Shiki

Title: Summon Me A Shiki
Fandom: Yami No Matsuei
Characters: Touda, Hisoka, Tsuzuki
Prompt: 074. Dark.
Word Count: 575.
Rating: G
Summary: Hisoka wants some light. Or failing that company in the dark.
Author's Notes: I seem to always have a shiki as my POV character, so here I tried to do something different and give a little attention to a character I like more than my ficlets let on. The ending of this one surprised me.

It was completely dark in the caves they were searching and it was beginning to grate on Hisoka's nerves. He couldn't see a thing and whenever they stopped walking the only thing he heard was the unnaturally loud sound of his own breath.

"Can't you call on Suzaku for some light?" he suggested to his partner. "We're never going to find anything in the dark."

"Light would announce our presence," Tsuzuki countered. "I don't want to stir up the whole flock of demons and monsters down here, if we can avoid it."

Hisoka stifled a sigh and reminded himself that Muraki was dead and couldn't jump out at him at any moment.

"Well, it's not going to help us much to just poke around blindly," he pointed out. "I don't suppose you have a bat-shiki, do you?"

"No," Tsuzuki admitted. "None of them are particularly well suited to life in the dark."

"What about Byakko? Cats see in the dark."

"He has excellent night vision," Tsuzuki agreed. "But he still needs some light to see. I think dragons are comfortable in caves, but SohRyu is too big for most of these tunnels."

He stopped talking abruptly and Hisoka was once again left alone with only the sound of his breath for company. It couldn't really be as loud as it seemed to him, if he couldn't hear Tsuzuki breathe, though. The monsters weren't going to hear him.


"You'd really feel more comfortable, if we had a shiki with us, wouldn't you?" He'd obviously thought of something. It made Hisoka feel more hopeful despite the hesitation in Tsuzuki's voice.

"It' not about comfort," Hisoka lied. "But we need help, if we want to find anything in here. Someone who can trace monsters by smell perhaps."

"I'm going to call Touda," Tsuzuki decided. "I know you don't like him, but he has an excellent sense of smell, can slip through places SohRyu'd never fit and is tough enough to defend himself even against one of the bigger demons."

Had he considered bringing Kichin into this?

Several minutes later Hisoka decided that it wasn't that much better to have a shiki scouting ahead after all. Now every time they stopped he could hear Touda's sharp hisses as the serpent flicked his tongue to check the smells ahead of them. They were safer like this, he knew, and he was grateful for the protection, but the sounds were terrifying.

"Is that why you never call on Touda?" he asked Tsuzuki as much to distract himself from the sounds as out of curiosity. "Because I don't get along with him?"

"No," Tsuzuki assured him. "I wouldn't call him much, even if it wasn't because of you. Touda is ... deadly. It scares me to think of the collateral damage he could cause. Touda's power unleashed can burn whole cities to ashes. It's not something to call on lightly."

"He'll obey your commands, though. You control how far he'll go."

There was a pause as Tsuzuki wondered what to say. Hisoka felt a spike of conflicting emotions, but Tsuzuki quickly reined them in. He knew how hard Hisoka had to fight to close them out.

"Hisoka, Touda ..." He hesitated again. "There is a point where Touda can no longer control himself and I don't know where it is. Nobody does."

Hisoka shuddered. All of a sudden the hissing seemed even louder, a death threat in every breath Touda took.

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