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Title: Questions
Fandom: Yami No Matsuei
Characters: a headmaster (Tsuzuki, Hisoka, Tatsumi, Watari, Touda, SohRyu, Kijin, Tenkou and Suzaku mentioned)
Prompt: 076. Who?
Word Count: 832.
Rating: G
Summary: A headmaster is trying to figure out what's going on in his school.
Author's Notes: Another one from the school continuity. While Touda and Byakko are sitting in their first Math lesson, their new headmaster is working on their files. (Can you see the GouShoShin typing frantically behind the scenes?)

He was a diligent headmaster and kept his files in order at all times, which was why he'd decided to work through lunch break today. He'd be very hungry when he got home tonight, but with a little luck he'd have written all the files for his new staff members and students.

Luck didn't seem to be with him today, though, or maybe he just wasn't concentrating enough. The documents the newcomers had handed in in paper were all neatly stacked on his desk, but whenever he had to look something up on his computer it resulted in a frantic search. Quite often it seemed like the file wasn't there at all, but when he looked again just a few minutes later it was in plain sight as if it had always been there. If he hadn't known better he'd have thought somebody was adding the files while he was working.

He shook his head at his own thoughts. Clearly he was getting paranoid. No, he'd just been working on this too long and his thoughts kept drifting off causing him to overlook files. He had to concentrate more, if he wanted to finish this today.

Of course he didn't have to. If there really should be an inspection on the very next day, anybody would understand that the unexpected addition of 13 new students and 3 staff members on a single day would create an administrative backlog. Most other headmasters would probably have been content to just add the new staff members and leave the student files to be added one by one over the next week.

He sighed and started on the next file. A boy of twelve, first name Touda?

The staff members had been needed due to an unexpected death, one illness and a maternity leave, but where had all the new students come from? Why did they all have such strange names?

Well, Kurosaki Hisoka was a completely fine normal Japanese name, but all those other new students ... a mixture of Chinese, Japanese and occasionally English names that was just weird. If it had been just one student, he'd have shrugged it off as parents having an unusual taste in names, but as far as he could tell only three of the students, SohRyu, Kijin and Tenkou East, were related.

That was another weird thing. On a single day he'd added students named North, South, East and West to his files, all of them newly arrived from different parts of the country. It was too strange to be a coincidence, so who were those students really and who had sent them? Were they part of some weird sect that was starting a center of operations in his town? Was it a conspiracy? Some sort of witness protection program? But if so, why not choose common names that would attract less attention and spread the children across the country? Surely that was the first thing anyone planning to hide their identities would think of.

So maybe they were trying to attract attention to the new students, draw it away from somewhere else? The Kurosaki boy, perhaps? With his comparatively normal name and quiet manner he'd be likely to be overlooked next to people like that South girl. Despite having had only a few minutes to spare for her, she'd left him with quite a bad impression. She'd be trouble.

He did remember the quiet Kurosaki, though. The very fact that the other students were all so unusual made Kurosaki stand out.

What if it wasn't Kurosaki at all then? Maybe his arrival on the same day as the others was indeed a coincidence. Maybe they were trying to divert attention from one of the new staff members.

Tsuzuki Asato might be an undercover policeman here to investigate the death of his predecessor. There were two things speaking against that theory. If Tsuzuki was indeed a top notch policeman, he also had to be a world class actor. The man seemed so clumsy and naive, an open, friendly character, that kept no secrets and had no deep thoughts. The quiet, dignified Tatsumi seemed a better candidate for the role of detective. Or maybe it was that Watari fellow? That one seemed completely overqualified for his job.

If it really was a police operation there was no reason to worry. Indeed he'd feel a little safer considering the gruesome murder of his former employee. No matter what he might be forced to tell concerned parents, staff members and students, the headmaster was well aware that it had not been the first such crime committed in this town.

Yet, he couldn't believe that the police would use children as a distraction in a case involving ritual serial killings. It seemed much too dangerous.

He stared at the photo of the cute little boy wearing sunglasses, because of some eye-condition. "Who are you really, Touda?" and who were his friends? Who had sent them and why?

The picture gave no answers.

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