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Muddy Keys, Crying Slaves And Other Problems A Dragon Should Not Have To Deal With

Title: Muddy Keys, Crying Slaves And Other Problems A Dragon Should Not Have To Deal With
Fandom: Yami No Matsuei
Characters: Touda, Tenkou, Kijin, Genbu, SohRyu, a maid and a head slave
Prompt: 077. Where?
Word Count: 874.
Rating: G
Summary: SohRyu's in a hurry and can't find his keys.
Author's Notes: Sequel to the Spade prompt. The Dragon is a difficult POV character. I don't think I really got into his head the way I wanted to here.

SohRyu put down the letter he'd been reading and pondered how to proceed. This situation could easily deteriorate into a major diplomatic issue, so he'd have to manoeuvre carefully.

How best to react in order not to offend without giving up his agenda? His eyes wandered across the room as he searched for an inspiration and happened to come to rest on the clock.

Oh no! Was it really this late already? He had to meet Suzaku in ten minutes and knowing the fire shiki's amount of patience – or lack thereof – he really shouldn't keep her waiting.

He jumped up, quickly threw whatever papers he might need into a case, grabbed blindly for his keys as he rushed towards the door and his hand met empty air.

He turned to look. Indeed the shelf was empty and the keys weren't on the floor next to it either. But where else could they be? His pockets were empty, the case contained only paper.

He yelled for a servant, then at her when she didn't know what he'd done with the keys either. She burst into tears which immediately brought the head servant down upon him. The woman had a magical instinct for knowing whenever one of her staff was in trouble and was afraid of nothing when protecting her own.

Luckily she regarded SohRyu as one of her own as well and this was certainly not the time to point out that in fact it was the other way around.

After telling him off for making the poor innocent maid cry, she promised to search for the keys while he was gone and let him back in when he returned.

"They probably just fell behind the shelf," she reassured him while patting the maid's back comfortingly. "Or slipped into a crack in the floor. I'll have some of the men move the furniture, but there's no need for you to stand here and watch. I know you have important things to worry about, so just go to your meeting and let me handle the household."

Perhaps she was right. He did feel a little guilty for blowing up at the maid like that. She probably hadn't even been the one who'd dusted here today and he could trust his slaves. They were all fine hard-working shiki who did their best to keep the palace in perfect condition.

He was just about to leave when another door opened and four muddy shapes walked in.

"Oh dear," said the first one in Genbu's voice. "It appears we are too late."

"Um ... were you looking for this?" Touda, easily recognisable thanks to his visor and not quite as dirty as the rest, held out a handful of mud that contained something vaguely key-shaped. "I was just going to wash them and put them back."

"What in the world are you doing with my keys?" SohRyu thundered. "You have no business even touching them." Just thinking of all the places Touda would be able to get into with those keys made him feel sick.

Touda gulped and the two smaller shapes hastily disappeared behind the backs of the adult ones.

"I merely helped look for them," the serpent offered. "And thought you might like them cleaned before using them again."

"It was Tenkou that took them," Kijin's voice came from behind Genbu.

SohRyu growled. He felt like drowning the lot of them, but knew he'd regret it later.

"She just borrowed them for a moment," Touda assured him hastily. "But then lost them in a flowerbed and it took us a while to find them again."

"Genbu found them in the end. They'd been so covered in mud that we couldn't see them anymore," Kijin threw in.

"But now they're back and just a little dirty," Touda concluded.

Borrowed his keys? What for? She was too young to go out on her own or have any business looking into his locked drawers and cupboards. And there was even less reason to take them out into the garden. Just a little dirty? That certainly was the understatement of the year. Did Touda honestly expect him to touch the keys in this condition?

SohRyu roared with rage and spit a fountain of water at the group. It wasn't enough to drown them, but it helped him blow off steam and they desperately needed a bath anyway.

Three soaked and sputtering shiki looked at him accusingly. The maid sniffled some more at the sight of the water puddles. Touda remained crumpled on the floor.

Ups, always be careful when washing fire shiki. In fact to be sure not to affect their powers one did best to leave them to wash themselves. Oh well, Touda would recover. He could take worse.

The dragon took a deep breath, roared and took another deep breath. Then he picked up his keys from where Touda had dropped them.

"I have an appointment to keep," he announced. "You three go and dry off. And you," he pointed at Touda. "See me in my office when I return."

Then he rushed out the door trying to think of a way to explain his lateness to Suzaku. He'd decide on a suitable punishment for Touda after the meeting.

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