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Gentles, do not reprehend.
If you pardon, we will mend.

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Title: Why?
Fandom: Yami No Matsuei
Characters: Touda, SohRyu
Prompt: 080. Why?
Word Count: 442.
Rating: G
Summary: SohRyu tries to figure out the details of Touda's almost killing of Tsuzuki.
Author's Notes: SohRyu doesn't understand and Touda can't explain it without revealing more than he ever would to the dragon. Maybe Tsuzuki could make SohRyu understand, but I'm not sure they ever even talked about it.

SohRyu stared at Touda across his desk. A stranger would probably not have noticed it, but to the dragon who'd known him for centuries the serpent looked miserable. But was he miserable because Tsuzuki was hurt, or because SohRyu had cited him into his office? He used to know Touda, but now he didn't understand him at all.

"You tried to kill Tsuzuki?" he asked. Maybe he could get to the bottom of this, if they talked it through. That was why he'd called the serpent in here in the first place after all.


Short and simple, no explanations. That was typical for Touda nowadays. He'd been more talkative in the past,

"Why?" It didn't make sense. Nobody had more to lose by Tsuzuki's death than Touda.

"Because he asked me to."

Another simple statement.

"He asked you to kill him?"

"Yes, it was the first time he called on me and that was my task."

The mighty dragon shuddered. He considered himself the most powerful shiki in all GenSouKai and the most loyal subject of both the Golden Emperor and Tsuzuki, but that was not a task he thought he'd be able to fulfil.

"But why did you obey him?" he pushed. "How could you do it?"

"He is my master. I have to obey him." Touda looked at him for the first time. "As for how, I am a hellfire shiki. My fire will even burn a shinigami, even destroy a soul."

He was aware of the mechanics of course.

"But how could you bring yourself to do it? Don't you love Tsuzuki? Don't you realise how much you owe him?"

"And because I love him, because I owe him everything, how could I deny him the only thing he's ever asked of me? It was his wish to die. Should I have forced him to live for selfish reasons?"

"Why would he want to die? When Shinigami die they ..."

"I do not know why, but I am sure he had his reasons. It is not my place to ask such questions."

"But he wouldn't just have moved on, he'd have ceased to exist!"

"Maybe that's what he wanted," Touda stated. "I would."

"Why would he want that? Why would anyone?" SohRyu shouted. It didn't make sense. It would be ... the end. He stared at Touda. "Why would you?"

"Because ..." Touda started, but stopped and shook his head. "My reasons are my own, as Tsuzuki's are his. I did not ask Tsuzuki and you should not ask me. You wouldn't understand anyway. Punish me as you see fit, but I only did what I had to."

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