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So what?

Title: So what?
Fandom: Yami No Matsuei
Characters: Touda, Rikugou (Genbu and Byakko mentioned)
Prompt: 083. And.
Word Count: 478.
Rating: G
Summary: Some problems are just weird.
Author's Notes: Okay, this one is actually me trying to digest my first real interaction with the boss of my bossís boss. Yep, heís a bigwig. Couldnít even match my face to my name, but he came to talk to me, my boss and, after a whole weekend had passed, my bossí boss to discuss the fact that I donít use Wordís automatic numbering function and my use of tabstops. (Well, my boss told him he doesnít see the point and would rather get back to the legal problem at hand.) Now the basis for his worries was a document Iíd written for which Iíd had to take technical information written by engineers (Iím not an engineer, so I donít understand all the terms and their grammar is wobbly) and present the commercial consequences in my bossí (absent) bossí lawyer style (Iím not a lawyer either, but I can at least mostly understand legal German.). At first I thought I couldnít do it. Then I managed an acceptable sounding text. And Mr. bigwig has no other worries than my formatting? Well, if Iíd known that was of any consequence, I could have done even more artful things than automatic numbering, but I thought it was about the content. Ė Anyhow after that talk I was left wondering: ďAnd?Ē

Touda started out in a good mood that Monday morning, which was unusual in itself. Touda rarely had good moods.

What was even more unusual was that said good mood continued through his arrival at work and the first security sweep with the computer. Only one new wormhole and it wasn't in an inhabited area.

Besides it was a beautiful day. Just as beautiful as the weekend had been. Maybe after work he'd go out to the park, find a nice sunny spot and watch the other shiki go by.

First he had to report the wormhole, though. Risk or not all wormholes had to be recorded and supervised. If they managed to determine a pattern ...


"Morning." Touda said brightly. Rikugou wasn't exactly his favourite co-worker, but there were a lot worse. "What can I do for you?"

"Genbu told me he doesn't like your letter size."

Touda blinked. Yes, Genbu had been here on Friday to enquire why the hell Touda hadn't used ... whatever letter size it was Genbu considered most practical for wormhole reports. Touda hadn't really paid that much mind. Those reports were urgent and he sent them out as fast as he could. He did not concern himself with much formatting beyond making sure they were legible.

"It's an ordinary computer file," he stated. "If Genbu can't read it, he can change it in a matter of seconds."

"He could read it just fine. That's not what this is about. What do you have a computer for, if you use the basic setting? And about the spaces ..." he ranted on for a while.

Touda stared at him in surprise. He'd been extremely surprised on Friday that Genbu apparently had time to worry about the formatting of his messages. You'd think a guardian had bigger problems on his hands than Touda's tastes in formatting. Now it turned out that not only was it still an issue three days later, no it was even big enough that Genbu would bother Rikugou with it. In fact, it was big enough to bother Rikugou who should be quite busy with important research.

'And what exact formatting am I to use in my letter of resignation?' He just barely bit back the comment. It would be ridiculous to quit his job over a thing like this. His computer expertise was urgently needed here and what else would he do? Tsuzuki summoned him rarely enough and few shiki trusted him enough to hire him.

Instead he glanced back at the location of his current wormhole. Theoretically it was in Genbu's territory as well, but perhaps he could 'accidentally' send it to somewhere less discriminating. Byakko rarely gave him trouble and when he did it was over actual mistakes.

Could he come up with a halfway sane sounding reason to send all future wormhole reports to Byakko?

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