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Kijin's Problem

Title: Kijin's Problem
Fandom: Yami No Matsuei
Characters: Touda, Kijin, Tenku
Prompt: 087. Life.
Word Count: 938.
Rating: PG
Summary: Kijin has a problem he doesn't want anybody to know about, but what can Touda do about this?
Author's Notes: Maybe a bit far-fetched for the prompt. Or maybe not at all. ;)

"Um ... Touda? Can we talk?" Kijin stood in the door to the computer room fidgeting.

"Sure," Touda returned suppressing a sigh and saved his work. "What's the problem?"

"Uh ... Could we go somewhere more private for this?"

Touda glanced around. "We are alone."

"Not completely."

Of course not. The palace walls had ears literally, but Kijin had grown up inside Tenku. It had never seemed to bother him before.

"Very well, lets go outside." And hope that nobody came looking for him in the meantime.

"Can we fly into the desert?" Kijin asked. "I really don't want anyone to overhear this."

"Not unless I tell SohRyu where I'm going and he'll want to know why."

"Oh please don't! He can't find out!"


"You could just ask me not to tell, you know," Tenku cut in. "Or you might want to try to act less suspiciously next time and not attract my attention in the first place."

So Tenku wasn't routinely monitoring all of his conversations? Touda filed that information away for later.

"Why don't we just go to the park," he suggested to Kijin. "It's raining and most shiki will be busy with work right now. With a little luck there'll be nobody there."

"You'll get wet," Tenku commented gleefully.

Touda glared at the nearest wall.

"Alright, but we have to make sure it's really empty," Kijin agreed. "If we find a single frog shiki there, I can't tell you."

So they walked to the park in the pouring rain, then once around the park to make sure there wasn't anybody there. Kijin even insisted that they couldn't sit under a tree, because somebody might be hiding in the branches, so they chose a bench on an empty lawn not too near by the pond, because a fish shiki might be swimming there. Touda was soaked to the skin, cold and miserable by then.

"So what is this big secret of yours?" he demanded a little gruffly.

"I ..." the boy hedged and promptly clammed up. "Nothing."

"Kijin, we came here in the rain and got all wet, reducing my powers for days most likely, so you could tell me something I thought was terribly important and now you tell me it's nothing?"

"I ... uh ... um ..."

"Well, if you're not going to talk, I'm leaving," Touda said and got up. "I have work to do and it's dry inside Tenku."

"No wait!" Kijin grabbed his arm and held on for dear life. "I need your help. I ... My girlfriend's pregnant!"

"Your ... The little sparrow I caught you with in the garden?" He'd thought he'd prevented that disaster.

"Who? Oh no, that was a one time thing. Never saw her again."

"The rat shiki then? I thought it was over between you." That one would be hard to explain to SohRyu. The dragon wasn't fond of rats at all.

"Nah, not her. It's been over for months. I'm dating a cat at the moment, but she's not the pregnant one."

"Oh, did you get the pretty owlet after all?" Touda said referring to the only other love interest Kijin had ever mentioned to him.

Kijin grinned like the cat that got the cream for a moment before remembering his predicament. "Yeah, but that one never would without ..." He blushed. "You know."

"Ah, wise girl," Touda nodded. Or most likely wise parents. He should have kept a better eye on Kijin's love affairs as well. And provided condoms. "So the proud mother of your firstborn and heir is going to be?"

"A hare," Kijin admitted. "I never mentioned her to you, because it was only a short rebound fling between the rat and the cat, but now she's pregnant and she doesn't believe in abortion."

"Nor in contraception either it seems," Touda commented. Hares were like that. He vaguely wondered when Kijin had slept with the owlet, if he'd gone from the rat, who'd been his first, straight to the hare and then the cat who he claimed to still be dating now. "Are you sure it's really yours?"


"Is it really your baby? If you only dated her for a short time, she might have had another boyfriend right before or after you." Not to mention that, if Kijin had had another lover on the side, Touda saw no good reason for the girl not to have done the same.

"She says it's mine anyway," Kijin answered. "You've got to help me, Touda. Father just can't find out."

Touda sighed. "And how do you expect me to prevent that? It's not something you can easily hide."

Kijin could deny everything, of course, claim that the girl was lying and he'd never slept with her, but if a paternity test proved her claims later on SohRyu would be even more furious with the boy for lying about it. It'd look bad on the whole family and probably have political repercussions as well.

"I can only give you one piece of advice," he told the boy. "Tell your father yourself, before he finds out from the girl's angry parents."

"Oh, they don't know either."

"Wonderful," Touda hissed. "Just wonderful. And how long do you think that's going to last?"

"Father is going to be furious. He'll kill me for this," Kijin whimpered. "And then he'll make me marry her, just when everything was going so well with the kitten."

"Well," said Touda. "You should have thought about that when you still had time to use contraception. It's too late now."

Somehow he couldn't bring himself to feel really sorry for Kijin.

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