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New Students

Title: New Students
Fandom: Yami No Matsuei
Characters: Touda, Byakko, a Math teacher (Tenkou and Tsuzuki mentioned)
Prompt: 088. School.
Word Count: 389.
Rating: G
Summary: As part of an investigation Tsuzuki is sending Touda and Byakko to school, but unfortunately he forgot to talk through all the details.
Author's Notes: This one might someday become a part of a larger fic if I can come up with a main plot. (Getting better, though. I finally figured out that some students’ souls have disappeared.) There will probably be some more little fics with this theme in the meantime.

New Students

“So what are your names?“ the teacher asked slightly impatiently. New students always disrupted a class’ routine.

“I’m Touda,” the one with the weird glasses stated huffily.

He looked rather cute, if he was entirely honest.

“Touda what?” he demanded sternly.

“Huh?” The boy exchanged a puzzled glance with his friend.

“Well, what’s your last name?”

“No last name,” the boy insisted. “Just Touda.”

Oh dear, the teacher thought. Were they sure the boy was already twelve? He did look a little small for that age. Maybe he’d snuck into the wrong class to be with his friend? He’d have to talk to the headmaster. At the very least his full name had to be registered by his parents.

“And you are?”


“Don’t tell me you don’t know your last name either!”

“Uh, no, Sir.” An embarrassed grin. This one was even cuter. “I mean, I do know my name. It’s ... um ... West, Sir. Byakko West.“

“Very well. You may sit down over there. Now class, please open your books ...”

“West?” Touda asked incredulously as soon as the humans stopped staring at them.

“Well, it was the first thing I could think of,” Byakko defended himself. “And what else would Tsuzuki have registered me under? Why didn’t we come prepared for this question anyway?”

“You’re asking me?” Touda huffed. “How was I supposed to know we needed last names? I’ve never gone to school before, let alone a human one.”

Byakko paled. “What do you mean you’ve never gone to school? You can read, can’t you?”

“Well, yes. My mother taught me a little. And I had to learn in order to operate the computer. I’m not particularly good, though.”

“Idiot.” Byakko hissed. “You should have warned us. What if you can’t keep up? We should have put you in first grade with Tenkou.”

“Tsuzuki wanted only one agent in first grade.” Touda pointed out. “And now shut up. This is interesting.”

Byakko sighed. Whatever could be interesting about algebra was beyond him, but he decided to take this as a sign that Touda knew enough to follow the teacher’s explanations. Thus he refrained from reminding his companion that they were here to find some missing souls and not to learn. Maybe some additional education would do the serpent shiki good in the long run.

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