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An Innocent Question

Title: An Innocent Question
Fandom: Yami No Matsuei
Characters: Touda, Tenkou, Genbu
Prompt: 090. Home.
Word Count: 441.
Rating: G
Summary: Tenkou is feeling a little homesick and thinks Touda must be, too.
Author's Notes: I don't know how Genbu ended up in this ficlet, but I'm glad he did. I forget about him too often.

"Do you miss your home?" Tenkou asked suddenly.

Touda looked down at the little girl in surprise. What had brought that on? She'd been very quiet the whole evening and when he'd sat down by the fireplace she'd silently cuddled up to him and sat starring into the flames until now.

"Do you miss yours, little one?" Genbu asked gently.

"A little," Tenkou admitted. "But it's okay, because it'll be repaired in a few days and then we'll go back. I was just wondering about Touda."

"Tenku isn't my home," Touda told her. "It never was."

"I know," Tenkou nodded eagerly. "Sky serpents live far from here in the mountains. Rikugou showed me a map."

Touda laughed. "That's sky serpents in general. I've never even been there. I was born here. Not here in the city, though. Out in the country, about a day's flight from here."

"So do you miss there then?" Tenkou pushed.

"No, it wasn't really a home either. At least not after my mother ... died." Actually, Touda didn't know for sure that she was dead. He'd never been able to trace where the slave trader had re-sold her. Stupid shiki hadn't put any names in his records and he'd had quite a large number of slaves on that journey.

"Where is your home then?" Tenkou asked.

Touda thought for a moment. "I guess I don't have one."

"That can't be," Tenkou declared. "Everybody has a home."

Was there any place he felt a special connection with? Not his old master's home that much he was sure of. Nor his current little room in Tenku. I was a place to sleep that he'd never quite gotten used to.

"You have to have a home." There were tears in Tenkou's eyes now.

"Of course, dear," Touda reassured her hastily. "It's just ... I don't have a palace of my own like your father or Genbu so ..."

"I think Touda means that GenSouKai in general is his home," Genbu rescued him.

Touda felt almost grateful. "Yes, I suppose that's the best way to put it. So you see, I can't miss my home, because I'm actually still at home."

Tenkou smiled and cuddled even closer. "That's good."

Touda put his arm around her and smiled as well. "Yes it is."

Across the table Touda's eyes met Genbu's. He wasn't smiling. The wise old shiki knew a lie when he heard one, especially when he'd made it up himself.

There was a place Touda felt he belonged, but it wasn't a good place and he didn't want to ever go back there. No, Touda did not miss his cell.

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