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Reindeer Don’t Fly

Title: Reindeer Don’t Fly
Fandom: Yami No Matsuei
Characters: Touda, Tsuzuki
Prompt: 092. Christmas.
Word Count: 468.
Rating: G
Summary: Tsuzuki tries to explain Christmas, but hey, it’s part of a foreign culture.
Author's Notes: You know, those holiday fics are going to be murder with these characters. I mean, what in the world am I going to do with Thanksgiving? It’s celebrated only in the USA so how are these characters with Japanese/Chinese background even going to get in contact with it? Ah well, at least the connection between Touda and the New Year is obvious.

Reindeer Don’t Fly

“What?“ Touda stared at the over decorated tree as if he’d never seen one before.

“A Christmas tree!” Tsuzuki exclaimed happily. “Isn’t it pretty? Oh, I love all those lights they have at Christmas nowadays.”

“Christmas tree?” Touda repeated. “What’s a Christmas tree?”

“Well, a tree just like this one.” Tsuzuki beamed at him. “You know, all decorated for Christmas.”

Touda sighed. Sometimes Tsuzuki’s explanations made no sense at all to him.

“What’s Christmas?” he tried again.

“What ... You don’t know what Christmas is?” Tsuzuki gaped.

“No,” said Touda a little sulkily.

“Well, to be honest, I don’t know all that exactly either.” Tsuzuki admitted. “It’s a big Christian holiday. Christian families put up a tree in their homes, decorate it and light lots of candles. Then they decorate their houses and the streets with light chains and stars and during the night Santa Claus brings them gifts and puts them under the tree.”

“Santa Claus,” Touda stated dryly. “Really?”

“He’s a fat man in a red coat who lives on the north pole and rides a sleigh pulled by flying reindeer.”

“Now listen, Tsuzuki,” Touda started patiently. “I know you can fly and I can fly and we both know flying tigers and dragons and a few other things, but those are shiki. They live in GenSouKai, not on the north pole and I’ve never seen a single reindeer shiki. Reindeer do not fly and they don’t pull sleighs from the north pole to Kyoto. That’s a fact.”

“Oh, and he comes through the chimney!” Tsuzuki exclaimed triumphantly.

“A fat man with a sleigh and two flying reindeer from the north pole comes through a chimney in Kyoto?” Touda looked like he was beginning to worry about Tsuzuki’s sanity.

“Yes!” Tsuzuki nodded. “At least that’s what they tell their children. In truth they probably just put the gifts there themselves while the children are asleep.”

“What for?”

“Well, to make each other happy.” Tsuzuki shrugged. “Why else exchange gifts.”

“That’s stupid.”

“I think it’s rather sweet.” Tsuzuki insisted. “Doesn’t it make you happy when you get lots of gifts?”

Touda shrugged. “I never get any gifts. Now, wasn’t there a demon we’re supposed to be looking for?”

Tsuzuki sighed. Sometimes his shiki were simply weird and that despite having known them for seventy years. Someday he’d get Touda a special gift to show him what it felt like. Right now was probably not a good idea, though. Christmas belonged neither in his own culture, nor in Touda’s. It simply wouldn’t make any sense to celebrate a holiday neither of them understood.

Maybe there was something else they could celebrate, though? He wondered briefly whether shikigami had birthdays. He ought to ask Genbu about that sometime. If anybody knew Touda’s birthday, it had to be old Genbu.

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