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Party Problems

Title: Party Problems
Fandom: Yami No Matsuei
Characters: Touda, SohRyu, Tenkou
Prompt: 093. Thanksgiving.
Word Count: 929.
Rating: G
Summary: Tenkou's birthday party is over, but there are a few things left to do.
Author's Notes: I considered this prompt the most difficult of all for a long time. Thanksgiving is an American holiday and has no place in my culture, nor in that of the fandom I picked for the challenge. Even when I decided to go with a more literal meaning I still didn't think it would make a good story. Touda isn't likely to thank anyone except perhaps Tsuzuki nor are most of the other characters likely to thank him. I finally went for a character that was and to my surprise it led to another very unexpected thank you.

Touda suppressed a sigh of relief as the last mother accepted her child back with only a very distrusting glance at him and hurried away. Normally it should be SohRyu supervising Tenkou's party guests, but when the dragon had realised that the parents were more interested in talking to him than in their children he'd drafted Touda into playing the host instead and fled back to his paperwork.

From SohRyu's perspective it hadn't been a bad decision, Touda had to admit. Nobody wanted to spend more than the absolute minimum of time in the presence of the hellfire shiki and the little party guests had been returned to their parents with barely any waste of time.

He wasn't sure it had been good for Tenkou, though. The way the parents had looked at him Touda doubted any of their children would be back for her next birthday. They'd be lucky, if they were still allowed to play with her tomorrow.

Well, at least fewer party guests would mean less work next year. It wasn't easy to keep forty odd children out of trouble and entertained for several hours. For Touda this had been an exhausting day and it wasn't over yet.


He looked down to where the voice had come from. Tenkou stood next to him, her stuffed snake clutched tightly to her chest.

"So did you have a good birthday?" Why was she clutching the snake? Didn't she like any of the new toys she'd just been given? Shouldn't she be in her room playing with them?

"A wonderful birthday," she declared nodding eagerly. "I think it was the biggest party I've ever had and we had lots of fun."

"So what's wrong then?" he prodded.


"Well, why are you and your little friend," he nodded towards the snake in her arms." Down here instead of exploring all those wonderful gifts you got today?"

"Oh, I'm going to show them to Little Touda in a minute," Tenkou assured him. "But he'll be angry at me, if I don't thank you for the party first. He's the little you after all."

"Thank me for the party? It was your father who organised it for you, Tenkou. You should thank him."

"It was the servants who decorated the room and cooked and served food and drinks," Tenkou returned. "And they're going to have to clean up the mess, too. Father just told them to do it and then he only came for a few minutes before all the guests were even there. When he said he had urgent work I almost thought he was cancelling the party at the last minute. You're the one who actually ran everything and that must have been hard. You should have had help from Father and Kijin."

Where was Kijin anyway? He should have been home hours ago. Feeling too old for a little girl's party?

"Anyway, I wanted to thank you for saving my party and making it the wonderful event it was," Tenkou said with a formal bow, then hugged both his legs tightly as a more personal statement.

"Well," How did one react to such a gesture? Touda had no problem finding a proper response to insults, veiled threats and attacking demon armies. Grateful little girls on the other hand ... "It's really nice of Little Touda and you to think of me, but you two will have to be in bed soon, so you'd better make use of the time you have to play."

"Oh yes, Little Touda hasn't even met his new friend Little Dragon, yet!"

Tenkou shot off in the direction of her playroom.

"Little Dragon?" Touda repeated to himself. "I was sure he'd be Little SohRyu."

"She doesn't think of me by my name." SohRyu's head poked out from behind a corner. "And I'm rather glad she doesn't call any of her toys Little Daddy. Are they all gone?"

"Yes, the coast is clear."

"She's mad at me, isn't she?" The rest of the dragon shiki rounded the corner.

Touda shrugged. "I'm not sure what she made of your excuse. If she took it at face value, you're probably fine. If she realises you made it up to get away, though, she's hurt and furious."

Tenkou was a quiet girl and usually kept negative feelings to herself. Sometimes it was hard to tell what she felt.

SohRyu sighed. "Do you think she'd understand, if I explained why I wanted out of that situation?"

"I don't know. She might think you should have suffered it for her. I'd stick with an unexpected diplomatic emergency."

"Right, she'd wonder why you weren't needed, if I give her the wormhole excuse."

"Have you seen Kijin?" Touda risked asking. The dragon seemed to be in an unusually mellow mood.

"Kijin? Why? Wasn't he with you? I thought you'd sent him to supervise the cleaning up."

"No, he seems to have skipped the party as well. Never came home it appears. I suppose I'd better look for him and tell him it's over." A little flight would help him to relax and SohRyu could deal with the cleanup himself. Touda had had enough of people for one day.

"Yes, it's going to be dark soon." There had never been an assassination attempt under SohRyu's rule, but the dragon did have more than enough enemies. His only son and heir might easily be seen as a target.

"And Touda?"

He stopped already outside. "Yes?"

"... Thank you." It didn't come nearly as easily to the big dragon as to the little girl.

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