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No more yielding but a dream,
Gentles, do not reprehend.
If you pardon, we will mend.

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Title: Protector
Fandom: Yami No Matsuei
Characters: Touda
Prompt: 097. Writer's Choice.
Word Count: 459.
Rating: PG.
Summary: In his childhood little Touda had at least one friend who could provide protection.
Author's Notes: Long ago in one of my ficlets Touda mentioned a certain friend from his childhood and I promised that I might someday tell more about that friendship. Here it is.

"When I catch that little rat," the master roared somewhere outside. "I'll rip him into tiny shreds!"

Touda pressed himself tightly against the stable wall. If he was found now it was quite possible that the master would make true his threat. He always was most violent when he was too drunk to stand straight. Once the master passed out he'd be safe, though. He wouldn't even remember the bowl Touda had broken when he woke up tomorrow afternoon.

The other servants knew that as well, of course and weren't too thorough in their search. Still there was the danger of being grabbed and dragged before the master should one of the stable-hands see him in here.

Kaga bent his huge black head, gentle lips ghosted over Touda's cheek as the stallion checked over the small shiki boy that cowered in his box. Maybe the danger wasn't that big after all.

Whoever wanted to drag him out of here would have to slip past the horse first and the stable-hands knew better than the rest just how dangerous Kaga was. One of them was still in the hospital in town after their attempt to capture the horse last week.

The master had originally bought the impressive black to ride himself, but had been unable to mount the horse after the first time. Touda hadn't seen that first ride, but he suspected he knew exactly what had happened. The master had a way of going for the whip whenever things didn't go his way that didn't encourage much love from slaves or horses.

When the servants ordered to break the horse had failed as well the master had brought in a number of experts from 'outside' which had always been a good show, but had resulted only in property damage and hospital bills. In the end the master had given up the idea of riding Kaga and kept him only for breeding.

Few people dared to go near the horse and it was well known that he let nobody touch him. Sometimes Touda daydreamed of climbing onto the black's back and just riding off into the sunset, start a new life somewhere far away.

He caressed the silky soft skin around the horse's nostrils.

"You are the best horse in the world," he whispered lovingly. "Absolutely perfect."

Kage blew a stream of hot air at his face and swished his wild black tail. He needed brushing, but for that Touda would have to leave the box and get a brush and the master was still shouting outside. He'd get the brush in the morning when there was no more danger in being seen. For now he curled up in the back corner to sleep in the straw.

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